Monday, August 10, 2015

Summer Stories

Last summer's story was all about hiking and bridge adventures. With a 'wildlife' theme running alongside.

This summer?
Hmmm. Not sure if the full story has been fleshed out yet, but it feels like it could be The Summer of Love/Weddings... or maybe The Summer of Seawall Walking.. or even The Summer of Failing Body Parts.

Still a few weeks to go, so maybe a theme will solidify by Labour Day.


Camped out in Vancouver this weekend, at Heather's new apartment, which will be the property of the new owners in 72 hours. So we enjoyed it while we could. (Lots of pics to follow)

Also celebrated Drew's 21st birthday in Vancouver (Cactus Club at English Bay. (Not a single pic to follow.)


Supper (Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich EVER) on the benches at Olympic Village, watching the waves and the people.

And then we walked 12k.

We paused to listen to these guys entertain us on the community piano.
A private concert. JUST FOR US.
LOVE this city.

This is on the corner close to the apartment.
In the morning, Heather walked over to get herself a coffee, and a fresh donut for me.
I so could get used to this lifestyle...

The hangout, right next to the apartment... I would DEF have dinner here once in awhile. GREAT atmosphere... (The WHP)

View from the balcony, where we sat. And people watched. Some were dressed. Some were not.

She slept here:

I slept on a borrowed foamie, (thanks, Maxine) here, against the wall, on the wood floor. And once The WHP closed for the night (2 am) and once all the kids (anyone under 30) finished partying in the streets, I fell asleep. Soundly. Until the guys on the hoist/lift started up their generator/compressor at 7:30 RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR BALCONY and began cleaning the siding.

Oh, Vancouver, I love you. But you are vera noisy.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. A great dinner with my kids, celebrating Drew's birthday. We ate at 4 pm, like seniors, because Clint was leaving for a shoot in Kelowna at 5:30 pm. Thankful for my kids.

Because I'm a mom, I keep track of these things... we (the 4 of us), spent 2 hours together at the Keg on June 1 for my birthday. And 10 weeks later, we managed to all get together again, for 1.5 hours for Drew's birthday. HOPING LIKE CRAZY that I don't have to wait til November (Max's birthday) before we all can get together again.

2. Thankful for books. Books that entertain. Books that inspire. Books that teach. And appreciative of those who write them.

3. Thankful for this Summer of Love. So many bridal showers. (I missed two this weekend; sorry, friends.)
A few pics from last weekend's wedding -Clement and Amy:

4. Thankful that Marg and Tricia both are on the mend after successful surgeries. Thankful that Brenda could spend a week with the Bentall's on their boat. Thankful for friends who prayed alongside us last week.


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