Friday, August 21, 2015

This n That

On Tuesday I was on my way home from work, planning on spending the evening at home, opening mail and sorting through the crap that I've been dumping on my desk when my phone buzzed.

Incoming text: You busy tonight? Want to see a movie.
My reply: YES. Would love to. No plans.

We saw the new Meryl movie: Ricki and The Flash

... then went out for a bite to eat and talk about life.
She's 58 years old, newly single and dating.

And life is just as confusing now as it was when we were 16. 

Wednesday was our annual Staff Fun Day at work. 
This year we played mini golf:

I got a hole-in-one.
And then I stroked out with 6's on most other holes.

I was the loser on our team. 

Ask me if I care.

Dan got a hole-in-one as well:

So did Alex:

Well, you get the idea.

We had fun.

It was hot.

There were alot of trees and shrubs on the course.

While we waited for lunch (which we ate in the parking lot), some of us coloured. Because colouring is coool.

I was first in line, because I'm a bit of a pig.
No I'm not.
I needed to take photos of food trays before they were emptied.
Yes, I absolutely needed to.

Also because I had to leave right away as there was a funeral I wanted to attend. 

As per my timing lately when it comes to Events in Churches, I arrived just as the bride, or in this case, the family, were on the verge of walking down the centre aisle. 

Carolyn's sister-in-law saw me sneak in and whispered, "Did you bring your camera? Are you going to take photos?" Then she nodded, like it was something she'd welcome.

Yes. My camera was in my purse. When is it not?
Funeral pics?
Tricky business, that. 

I'd been asked to do it once before and I totally couldn't. 
I totally and completely couldn't capture grieving. It's so raw. And personal.
My finger just wouldn't press the shutter. 


Also? A shudder is booming loud in a quiet church. 

But because she asked, I took a few pics from my spot at the far end of a padded pew. 

If you've never been, do try to make it to a Mennonite funeral at least once.
The music is always perfect.
Nothing like being in church, singing How Great Thou Art, with a bunch of seniors in the congregation. The richness. The harmony. The depth. 

When is the last time I held a hymnal? 
30 years ago?

It was a beautiful service. Full of hope and respect and love. 
An amazing legacy of faith.

From there, I met up with Danica for dinner, then a movie:

and then a coffee. To catch up. 
I just love that girl.


On Thursday we had a bridal shower at work during our lunch break for my favorite gal from France...

And then, a few hours later, during our afternoon coffee break, we celebrated V's 30th birthday:

Because both 'girls' live in Vancouver and take public transit and I could not imagine them carrying all that stuff .... I drove them home. Which was why I was at the corner of Broadway and Commercial at 7pm calling Clint.

Me: Hi. I'm in Vancouver. Are you busy? Can I buy you dinner?
Him: I'm in a restaurant. Just ordered sushi.
Me: Are you by yourself?
Him: Yeah. D'ya want to join me?
Me: Where in Vancouver are you?
Him: Broadway and Commercial.
Me: Haha, WHAT? I'm at Broadway and Commercial!

(He was right across the street. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES that of all the intersection in all of Vancouver we'd be at the same one at the same time?)

Divine appointment, probably.

Anyway, while we ate sushi he gave me a crash course in Social Media management and SEO's. (But because I didn't take notes, I've forgotten it all already.  I suck.)

Such a full week. I hardly noticed my tongue.
I'll have to get that sorted eventually.

Three things I am thankful for:

1. Relationships
2. Summer
3. Washing machines


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