Monday, August 17, 2015

What? Just TWO weekends left?

It's almost over?

Summer 2016, you better not take after your ancestor, Summer 2015. Feel free to go slow. Take your time. There is no hurry - nothing to be gained by rushing through the long days. Twould be lovely if you planned NOW to use a snail as your role model.


I've got another 'thing'. It's a by-product of being on antibiotics for the past couple months. Eventually all those medications will throw your system off kilter. So, yes. I got that, last weekend. No need to spell it out. Thank goodness there are OTC (over-the-counter) drugs for what was bothering me. I didn't need to see another medical professional to tell me what I already knew.

So. I thought I was done.

Other than a dentist appointment, some more blood tests, and a procedure that sounds vera unpleasant at the end of the month - I thought I was finished with body parts acting weird.

But all week, I've had this bitter taste in my mouth. Like, right at the back of my throat. Was hoping it was just some residual after-effect of the antibiotics, and hoped it would clear up if I drank 100 gallons of water every day.

It wasn't going away.
So on Friday night I took a peak.
Inside my mouth.
To see if anything was amiss.


My tongue.

What the heck happened to it?
What the flip.
So gross.

So I googled gross tongues.
And found pics that matched mine.

I went to my local clinic/pharmacy on Saturday, but they were both closed so I drove over to Walnut Grove and stopped in at Shoppers.

"I have thrush," I said to the young Asian pharmacist. "Is there anything I can take that doesn't require a prescription?"

"Ohh. Nasty, that. Well, you really should see a doctor. He can prescribe something that will help clear that right up."

I sighed.
I was on my way to the lake, and knew I wouldn't see a doctor til Monday.

"Buuuuuuut," she said. "We learned in medical school that thrush is just an infection in your mouth. Soooo. If you want to give it a try...." And she walks me over to the aisle I was in not all that long ago.

"Uh, yeah. The box specifically says not to put the tablets in your mouth..." I said, having read the box recently. Just last weekend, in fact.

"I know. Ignore what the box says. We talked about this at school. Our prof said it's completely safe. None of us thought we'd ever get a customer willing to give it a try... You'd be my first."

"Uh. You're absolutely sure it's OK to do this?"

"Yeah. Totally fine. Don't swallow it. Just let it dissolve. And come back and tell me how it works. I'd love to hear about your experience."

So, for research purposes, I am the first person ever, in the history of the Walnut Grove Shopper's Drug Mart to put a pill, never intended to be put in one's mouth, in my mouth.  I went to bed last night with the most bitter pill ever created by man or machine, dissolving on my tongue.

And when I woke up? My entire mouth was a cave of bitterness and had turned white. Oh yes. Oh yes.

You so wish you were me, don't you?

And I thought food tasted, 'off'' last week .... HAHAHA. All my favorite foods are here at the lake and they all taste like bitter cucumbers. Even the chocolate.

Will do this again tonight.
And with all these fascinatingly descriptive blog posts about my awesome body, I'm positive that any potential suitors that have been reading pixnprose to get to know me better, have closed their laptops and gone to the bathroom to throw up.


AnnnnyWAY, aside from the whole bitter mouth thing, I've had a lovely 24 hours at the lake. I got up here late on Saturday night, unsure, when I left home, if any of my kids were going to be here as well. But as I drove, I got texts from two of them saying they were coming up later.

I arrived around 10, brought all the groceries in and put them away, then opened all the sliding doors to let some fresh air circulate. I pulled out the table and chairs and lit a half dozen candles and can I just say, that I love how inviting decks look when lit by candle light.

I made myself a salad, then ate it outside, enjoying the peace, the stars, the sound of the wind in the trees and the gurgle from the creek. A few minutes later Clint arrived. And an hour after that Drew and Danica showed up. We sat on the deck and visited til 1:00 am and my heart just kept smiling.

These are my people.
Well, 3/4 of my people.
And I love spending time with them.

By the time I got up this morning, D and D  had left. And Clint was back at his summer project; stripping the deck.

Once he had finished another section, and I had cleared both fridges of all expired condiments, he BBQed the steak that I'd been marinating, while I made a salad and baked potatoes.

We ate outside, on my favorite deck, looking at my favorite view:

And I've worn my bathing suit (another old, faded, not-helpful-in-the-support-section, type of bathing suit that will surely be thrown out as this season winds down) the entire day - JUST LIKE A PERSON SHOULD, in the summer.

Clint left at 8 pm, and I've been doing laundry, washing out cupboards, sweeping floors, and generally acting like a house-wife. It's a bit of a novelty for me.

Oh summer.
Please don't be over.

I'm just getting started.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. My kids. And their big dreams.
2. The final stitches fell out/dissolved this weekend. At some point I'll post before and after pics. (I'm talking about the surgery I had waaaay back in June. I must be the slowest healer on the planet. He said they'd fall out in a few days. It's been two whole months. Whatev. I'm thankful they're gone.)
3. Smart people who go to school for a really long time to learn important things.


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