Sunday, September 13, 2015

Yukon One

Shortly (like, maybe 10 minutes) after I arrived at the Whitehorse Airport, Arj and Karm's plane pulled in too. 

We collected our luggage, they paid their parking fees, and we left to buy groceries. Arj went to one grocery store, we went to another. 

THIS is my only photo from our shopping exhibition:

We bought some. 

Then we met Arj in the parking lot at Pizza Hut where he had purchassed 3 medium pizzas for lunch. He gave us two, and he took the third. 

Yeah. That's right. A pizza for each of us. 
(So far?
This Yukon Adventure is shaping up nicely.)

From there? We hit the road. Their place is located west of Whitehorse. Three hours west.
(Well, three hours if you don't have a passenger with a camera who says, "do you mind pulling over for a sec?")
(If you DO have a passenger like that? It could take 7 hours.)



My hosts this weekend:

Wild horses. 
(Cannot carry me away from you.)

If there was a roadside photo opp, we pulled over. 
"Summer visitors looking for love..."

Phone booth:

And then we stopped for gas (again) because it was, like, 200 miles until there'd be another opportunity. 

(In case you're wondering what the price of gas is.)

And then we stopped at Frosty's. 
Everyone stops at Frosty's. 

View from the deck:

And then we hit the road again.

It was a nice road.

And then we stopped again.

For abit of a walk...

Some awfully nice outhouses:

Kathleen Lake at Kluane National Park

Then, back on the (twisty, lovely, wonderful) road again:

And this is where, I guess, the term, Yukon Gold came from:

And then we got into higher elevations and it felt like we were in Wyoming, and felt like there should be cowboys on horses and acres of cows being herded out there.

But there wasn't.
Because this is the Yukon.
And there is NOTHING out there. 

We got to their place at around 9 pm. 
Arj made us a traditional British 'chippie tea'; fish n chips wi mushy peas. 

That was my starter portion.
I ate another one like it immediately afterwards.

And then.
Then, when our mouths were ready for something sweet, it was THEN that we realized we never did get the cupcakes. 

Oh the sadness.

Good thing Arj brought a bunch of Cadbury's chocolate back from England with him. #Hero
(He was in the UK last week to attend a wedding.)

So. Day One done.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. This place.
2. These friends.
3. Their menu plans.



Tricia said...

Spectacular seems an inadequate word.

September said...

FISH AND CHIPS! I have always imagined that mushy peas just means squished with a fork.
Sorry for yelling. Wow. Those are some splendid photos. I really enjoyed them. ESPECIALLY THE HORSES.

Unknown said...

Wow, Jane. You capture everything so beautifully. For some reason, I actually have tears in my eyes. Thank you for coming up and sharing a few days of your life with me in this northern adventure.

Unknown said...

OH!!!! I know why I have tears in my eyes.... it's the remnants of the bear spray. hahaha
Ahem... I thought we agreed that "what-happens-with-bear-spray-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-in-the-Yukon-STAYS-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-in-the-Yukon"! What are the chances now that anyone else is going to visit and be willing to go hiking with me?! ;)