Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I was at a wedding last weekend.
Yes, I sure was.

It was on Oct 3.
On a dock.
On the Fraser River.
With Barnston Island in the background.

I mentioned the outside part, right?

We needed sunscreen it was Just. That. Hot.

Haha, (below), this'll be me too. Front row seat at one of my son's weddings, taking pics because I won't know what else to do with my hands. PLUS - front row seat! Unobstructed view! :)

I was invited to this wedding because I am friends with the Mother of The Groom:

She found out this summer that she has colon cancer.

In July her colon was removed.

Less than forty hours after this photo was taken she started chemo.
Six months. Every day.

(She said she began to experience the tough side effects within hours.)
If you're the praying type, would you pray along with us? For complete healing after this is done?
And not-crippling pain in the process? For moments of laughter and joy in the journey? And for peace?

Dan, the groom, is a flooring installer.

All their signs were made of flooring material.

Dear God,

Please protect Margret from discouragement or despair.
Surround and fill her with Your spirit of peace.
Fill her house with Your angels, so that she, and all who enter, sense Your presence and Your care.

May her hope be in You.

Give her body the strength to handle the chemo; may the side effects be at their very worst right now, and God we ask/beg that the discomfort and pain would ease up as the days go by.

God I pray that You would use her and her circumstances for Your purposes and Your glory. We pray that others (doctors, caregivers, other patients, neighbours, friends, family members, pharmacists, nurses, waiting room companions...) we pray that all these people would see You when they are in Marg's presence. We pray for opportunities to for Marg to minister to others while she is being ministered to.

God, we'd love a complete and total healing for our friend.
Could it be over in 6 months? Could the cancer be gone?
Could that be Your plan?

God, we lift up Rudy to you as well.
Please give him strength. And hope.
God fill him with your spirit of peace.

I pray for both Rudy and Marg, tonight and every night, that when they go to bed, they would be able to rest in Your care. May they both experience 8 hours of solid, undisturbed sleep. May they wake refreshed and say, "This is the day that the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it."

And God?
Could you love on the kids?
Remind them that You've got this.
That this? Is not a surprise to you...

Could you protect them from depression and helplessness?
Fill them with hope.
Surround them with your angels so that they would be protected from evil.

God I pray for their health, their circumstances, their marriages.

I pray Your will be done.
Your will be done.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. I attended my first Alpha meeting on Monday night. I am thankful for churches who are still showing this video series, the volunteers who sacrifice a couple hours each week to cook, sing, lead... I pray that many would come to know Him as a result of these efforts.

2, We had a pot-luck thanksgiving lunch today. And we sang Great is Thy Faithfulness in 4 part harmony as a staff. Well, I mostly hummed and fought back tears, because. Hymns. In Harmony. Get me in the feels Every Single Time.

3. Doctors and labs and drug stores and antibiotics. Bladder infection #937 is going to get its butt kicked.


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