Sunday, November 1, 2015

And then...

We woke up, and it wasn't raining!

So we went for a walk.

(Our back up plan? If it had been raining?
To spend the day, each in our respective beds, reading til check out.
We were both looking forward to this if it should come to pass...)

This was our view from our window. Well, one of our windows. We had wrap around windows on two sides... it really was a glorious room, especially considering it was freeeeee -

So we got up and went on a walkabout...

First taking the obligatory elevator selfie:

Our first stop was the student bakery at VCC.
Where we bought breakfast.

Then we walked over to London Drugs where I finally bought my butane curling iron in anticipation of the next power outage or apocalypse.

Right across the street from this fancy street-side cafe was a fella catching a few z's:

I felt sick.

Absolutely ill.

Especially since I'd just heard Judy Graves talk about homelessness the night before.

Is he alive? Is he hurt? Fed? What should I do? What can I do? Was this a twenty first century Good Samaritan story, and I was one of those 'orrible pharisees that just walked by? Was God sad by my inaction?

While Heather got a coffee, I sat on a bench, people watched and chatted with God.

And then?

We wandered through the new Nordstroms, playing that famous game, "Belong. Doesn't belong."

It was easy to recognize both, and we were always in complete agreement.

In case you're wondering... Heather and I don't belong.
This gal? DOES.

And then we ran into a customer service girl and she suggested we play Name That Price ...

She challenged us with this shoe. They only have one pair left...

We both guessed wrong:


And there's a homeless guy sleeping just outside.

What a crazy world this is.

We took a break for a few minutes; sat on the bench at Robson Square to watch the birds.

Someone ordered new glasses:

And then we checked out of the hotel and drove over to Granville Island by accident. We were intending on going to David Lam park to read our books. But I took a wrong turn, and next thing you know.., we're on an island.

Grandma, face-timing her little:

Granville Island florist:

We had Indian food for lunch, while sitting on the back dock with the birds.

And then?

We went home.

I love mid-week staycations.

Back to work on Friday.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Cities
2. Birds
3. Friends
4. Hotel beds
5. Non-rainy days
6. Feet that walk
7. Eyes that can see
8. Colours
9. Trees with leaves
10. Left over, random, vacation days from work


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