Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fall Read-A-Thon: 11am



The rain is still falling and it sounds heavenly from my bed/nest of pillows and blankets. I left my window wide open all night, and the window-sill is soaked. It's probs going to warp. I need to marry a carpenter.

Now I'm thinking of that song, If I was a carpenter, and you were my lady....

Johnny and June.
Wonder if my dad has bumped into them in heaven yet?

No book reading this hour. (I've been catching up on Facebook and Twitter...) THOSE ARE WORDS. They count.
Plus this hour I'll wash my hair and dry my hair and put some make up on.

I guess, truth be told, that I don't really do a whole lot of reading during a 24 hour read-a-thon...
I remember back to my first one - with Rachel and Rebekah... Oh my goodness, those two sisters were diligent about reading. And snacks.

Sheri and Kim are probs just as keen.
They've likely been up since 7, turning pages and burnin through plots.


Ok. Gettin out of bed now...

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