Sunday, November 8, 2015


As I typed in a title for this post, I remembered how, back in the beginning when, for the first two years, I knew the title and content for every little thing I posted. Haha. Nowadays? Tis all a blur.

This is my 4,204th post. Which means I have filled up a small sliver of the internet with pretty pictures and rambling prose.

I should probably get a real hobby.


This has been a week of much talking. Much caring. Much praying. Much thinking.

My day job expanded it's scope a little bit during the summer when my boss resigned and moved on to the exciting pastures found in downtown Vancouver. I tend to talk more nowadays. With and to people.

It's good.
But maybe sometimes tiring.
(Because, introvert.)

On Monday night I met a friend for a two hour hill walk in her neighbourhood. We talked about marriages and relationships. And why I'm not in either.

On Tuesday night, straight from work, I met a friend for dinner and a (cheap) movie (Steve Jobs) where we sat in the dark afterwards, and then in the parking lot after that, and cried about her difficult marriage. I got home at 11 and met Clint who was picking up my laptop. He needed to borrow it. I had a moment (or two) of panic, wondering if I had some things on here (my laptop) that I didn't want him to see. I was frantically trying to set him up as a second user, so he wouldn't have access to my files, when he just went ahead and cleared off my desktop, made it black then assured me he needed access to all my administrative privileges. Sigh. Moms can have no secrets. Ever.

On Wednesday night, I went straight from work to meet a friend for dinner. We sighed and cried about addictions and how hard it is to stand by when its someone you love who is struggling. I left her, bought some groceries n make up and a birthday present for Max then drove into Vancouver at 11pm to meet Clint and pick up my laptop, (and Max's laptop). On my way home, I stopped in New West to drop off Max's.

On Thursday, I drove up to the lake, straight from work, with a friend. To talk about life. And things. Like relationships. And marriage. And addictions. And pain. Plus we watched the perfect movie (The Secret Life of Water Mitty) and then talked about Iceland and vacation destinations. In the morning, before the dawn even cracked, we were driving back to Langley so that I'd be at work by 9.

On Friday, straight from work, I picked up two friends and we headed up to Cultus for 24-ish hours of reading (this was well documented earlier on this blog) with the intent of spending limited time talking. But comeon. We be womin and we be having words to say. Haha.

On Saturday, after dropping reading friends off, I picked up another friend who wanted to join me at church. Afterwards we went out for dinner and finally were asked to leave because the restaurant was closed and everyone had gone home. So we sat in my truck in her driveway and finished our conversation two hours later.

When I got home, around 12:30 am, after being away for what seemed like forever, I went into my bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth.

It smelled.

So I lifted the lid on the toilet to see if I'd forgotten to flush the last time I used it (days earlier) but there was just water in there. I flushed anyway, closed the lid and went into my bedroom. Not hearing the whoosh of a typical flush, I went back into the bathroom, lifted the lid, and saw that the water was at the top of the bowl. Not going anywhere. It was clear water. And I was plum out of caring. Not a drop left.

I'd deal with it in the morning and not one second before.

On Sunday, I woke up at 10, and had to pee. I hobbled up the stairs to use the bathroom on the main floor, then hopped back in bed for another hour. Because this is what Sundays are about. (If you've done church the night before.) (Or you're not a church going lass.)

When I finally got up, I washed my face and brushed my teeth and had an ah ha moment, wondering if the pump (that moved the liquid waste from the septic tank to the sewage drain pipes on the road) was not working... So I turned on the shower for a few minutes (which traditionally kicks in the pump) but the pump didn't turn on and the shower didn't drain. I had inches of standing water accumulating by the second.

So I walked down the hall to the furnace room, opened the door and a greenish brown noxious wave of stink assaulted my nostrils. Oh My Goodness. My eyes started watering and my gag reflex kicked in. x 1000. There was standing water, a couple inches deep.

I texted my brother.

Of course I did.

One of these days I'm going to text him just to say hi. Love you. Haha. Because in the past three years? All he gets are emergency house repair texts. And that must suck.

Anyways, yes, my diagnosis was correct. The pump packed it in. The tank was full/overflowing. And yes, I was to stop using that bathroom.

Drew and Danica showed up at 12:30 after church. We had a quick lunch then drove into Vancouver for ....

Bugs Bunny and The Vancouver Symphony.





It was exactly as awesome as I anticipated it to be. SUCH rich, deep, full, perfect sound. So, so good.

And the Orpheum is just the most beautiful venue, no?

And the best part? Was listening to these two talk about how Bugs Bunny was "their's"...
Danica was explaining how these cartoons were a huge part of her childhood and she's pretty sure she has each one memorized.

Drew explained to her that he never went to pre-school. That his mom (me) kept him out so that he could spend his days in the barn-shop with Bups. And on those days? Bups would set up the 12 inch TV/VCR on the edge of the table saw, and pop in the Bugs Bunny - Road Runner tapes and he'd watch them while Bups worked.

Drew's Bugs Bunny memories are tied in tight with his memories of my dad.
I love that.
And him.
Both hims.


It was a fabulous afternoon.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. I am never bored.
2. I have a life filled with many good people.
3. That there are people who make a living at sucking out full septic tanks, even ones located under the basement in a huge house. That's going to be an awfully long hose that snakes all through the house...


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