Sunday, November 22, 2015


So after work on Friday, Heather and I drove into Vancouver (because it wasn't raining) so that we could walk around.

We parked in a parking garage from hell. 70 million levels. Three buildings. 250,000 reserved spaces. And sections locked off entirely.

It's a wonder we got out of there alive. Twas a Christmas miracle, really.

The elevator waiting rooms are areas of refuge. No bad guys allowed. You're safe in there.


And this is what one section of the parking garage looked like from the road. What?
You didn't come here to look at photos of parking garages?


Maybe did you want to see how my face has healed from that surgery I had beside my eye in June?


OK then.

(For the record, it's much better than it was all summer...)

Gastown pics:

You can never have too many twinkle lights. Ever.

Cambie Street:

Water Street:

Loading dock:

Vancouver's equivalent to Big Ben ...

The SteamClock at 8 pm:

And then we walked back to the parking garage.

To get my truck.

We missed our target by 1 floor and 1 building.
(That's my truck on the far right.)

We might be getting too old for Vancouver adventures.


Was the book launch for Jenn's latest book:

The Coquitlam Chapters hosted the event:

Here she is, signing MY book:

Oh writers.
They just do the loveliest things with words.

I am so proud of her.
She has worked like a dog these past few years...

This is Brodie. One of the store managers.
"I love this. You've worked hard, Jenn. And this is the payoff. I love supporting local writers. Just look at you! You're glowing. This is where you belong.... we should do this every Saturday."

So thankful for folks who can open doors for others.


On the drive home, at 4:14, the sun was setting.
So I opened my passenger window, pointed my camera west, then randomly took photos from the freeway.

My camera was still in my right hand which was still stretched across the front seats of my truck, still pointed out the window as I crossed the bridge, so I kept snapping.

(NOTE: I was not focusing on taking photos. I was driving. My eyes were facing forward, on the road ahead of me. What my right hand was doing was none of my business. I wasn't aware of what shots I was getting until I got home.)

Some were good (like this one):


Not so much:

And then I walked a few hills in the 'hood, started doing my laundry, went to church. Followed by an evening spent with a girlfriend. (In case you were wondering just how much awesomeness I can cram into 24 hours.)

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. God. He hears us when we pray. And when we ask for stuff, He's like, "Yup. On it. Have been for awhile. Glad you're on board... was part of My plan all along. I've got this."

2. Church. Seriously. There are few places I'd rather be on a Saturday night. There's just something about walking into a place filled with like-minded folk, who seemingly can all sing like rock-star angels. Especially the guy sitting behind me tonight. Man. So good. I just kept my mouth closed and listened to him.

3. People who write books. People who act in films. People who sing songs. People who paint pictures. People who repair roofs. People who push pixels. People who clean messes. People who walk alongside.


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