Sunday, November 15, 2015

What, then, is our response?

I first became aware of the Paris situation while at work. My twitter account was open and I started seeing tweets - one of the first ones was a retweet from someone inside a theatre, asking for help because people were being executed.

I cancelled my evening plans, came straight home, ate two hotdogs and went to bed. The sadness just overtook me.

When I woke up at midnight, I went back to the internet to see what was happening and wrote the following:
(I never posted it because the formatting went wonky and the whole bottom part is centered, not left justified and it drove me mental. Still does. And it will not adjust not matter how many times I redo it.)

What? What should I do?

My first response is always to feel.

Let the feels just wash over me. The sadness. The fear. The anger. The longing.

And then pray. Because, obvs.

But there are other things one can do...

  • Add a France flag background to your Facebook profile pic:

  • Repost some positive images to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instragram and Blog.

Dear God,

We are a mess. 

You must be grieving about us all the time.


Be generous with wisdom for our leaders.
Comfort and love on those who have lost loved ones. The are grieving. They need peace, and their hearts need healing.
Provide extra measures of strength and energy to those who are protecting and rescuing and saving and doctoring and digging and especially to those trying to restore order.

And God? We pray for justice. You are a just God. 
May Your will be done.



Surely though, I should do more? 

Praying is a good start. 

Being kind always is a lovely idea. 

Donating some money is likely helpful.

What else?
What else can a mom from this corner of Canada do? 

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