Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New Phone. Old Pics.

You all know I've got a new phone, right?

I may have mentioned it, unnecessarily, in that long, rambling post about The Ring That Was Lost But Then It Was Found, that read somewhat like a biblical parable.

Anyway, when the stuff that was on my old phone got transferred to my new phone, I took a moment to revisit the photos saved on there.

I have since moved them over to my lap top.

But these were my favs:

First time in over a year that my dad went outside. I'd brought him his cowboy hat and took him across the parking lot so that he could see his red truck.

Drew and Danica on the deck. Studying for high school exams. Apparently.

Clint, chopping up an old coffee table. We were de-cluttering and that 25 year old table was clutter.

My dad's belt buckle. We tried attaching it to the seat belt on his wheel chair. He was not impressed.
Not even a little bit. He wanted that seat belt OFF.

Playing shuffle-board with dad.

Dad and mom playing Krokinole.

Max, visiting dad, who was sleepy.

The window boxes in my backyard at the Murrayville House:

Dad's hand:

Clint visiting his Bups:

How can we ever forget the first time they shaved off his moustache:

He loved holding Mandi and his favorite son-in-law in his hands:

These be Canadian boys:

D & D:

Haha. A failed attempt to get dad to use his hands/arms. I thought if, instead of bringing in toys, I brought in tile samples, he'd be OK to use them to stack or move or set up like dominoes. He was having NONE of that.

Red Neck Christmas.
This was the Winter of My Great Crash. We had Christmas Dinner at Denny's.

Transferring my dad, via ambulance, from Kinsmen Lodge to Royal Columbian to get his pacemaker batteries replaced.

Calling Julie to tell her that he was fine.

Last selfie taken at the Murrayville house, seconds before locking up and leaving.
Those be very tired eyes and a look of  of 'now what'?

(Haha, I still have that look...)

First selfie in the mirror in my new basement bedroom at my mom's house taken the next day:

First selfie lying in bed with my dad. Not a flattering position for either of us:

Dinner with my boy:

Pre-hockey game dinner downtown:

The toque that Heather made.
For my fat head.

First rays of sunshine that winter. Blinding:

Punctuation is important:
(My mom's daytimer.)

(Me cooking a meal is a big event. Worthy of mention that year.)

My fav place on earth:

Mom's spot in the living room:

Selfie in Mexico.
Taken in the magic mirror in the bedroom where I usually stayed.

Friends in Mexico:

And then we came home:

Clint's business:

Max's 3 year cake. Or in this case, cookies:

Off to see the Canucks:

Cherry Blossom time in Vancouver:

Off to another Nux game:

Ahhhh. Billie's Country. SO many memories:

Dominoes with Danica at the lake:

First time I used the new app:

Drew had broken up with Danica and Mandi was moving to Alberta and my heart was sad that I've never see my girls again. My 'goodbye' to them was an evening at Bard on the Beach.


Off to see Elton. As you do.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Phone cameras
2. Good memories
3. Friends and family.


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