Wednesday, December 16, 2015

This Doesn't Look Like Christmas Shopping...

I was going to do some Christmas shopping tonight. I thought I'd be doing it last weekend, but then The Engagement happened and Drew asked if I could host a dinner for oh, 50 people (twenty didn't show) on Sunday night - so Christmas shopping got moved to the back burner.

But then Heather suggested we walk and talk tonight, so, yes, let's do that.

But then Terry texted and wondered if I'd like to come and watch her ice a batch of sugar cookies...
and that was a definite yes, please. And could I bring a friend?

(In early December, after Terry posted this pic to Facebook, I asked she could teach me how to make this kind of icing.)

I asked Heather if she was interested in learning how to decorate sugar cookies and she was so in. Yay.

Then this afternoon, Shelly texted and wondered if I wanted to hang out tonight. So I asked her if she was interested in learning how to decorate sugar cookies and she was so in.

They both were so enthusiastic they baked batches of cookies to bring along.
Sadly, I did not. I worked all day yesterday, then hung out with Clint who was doing a shoot in our building and I didn't get home til late. And then I had an early morning meeting (8 am) and worked all day today - so no cookies for Jane. Which, all things considered, is probably best.

Anyway, Trish was there too, because the more the merrier. And she had a batch of cookies as well.

An abundance of sugar in that kitchen this evening...

OK. First of all, make a batch of royal icing:

Divide it up into small bowls, then seal immediately so that contents don't turn to concrete.

Using one bowl at a time, add water by the drop, stirring carefully til it's the consistency of runny honey.

Using the back of a small spoon, 'float' the icing evenly over the entire surface of the cookie, going right to the edges. Like this:


And with that demonstration, armed with small spoons, everyone started floating thinned royal icing on their cookies. Some with more success than others.

Then, about half an hour later, non-watery royal icing can be piped onto the cookies. Practice making dots on your counter. It can be easily cleaned, don't fret.

I asked her if she could make some heart cookies for me.
She made me a moose.
And iced him white. So, Polar Moose.

Thanks, Terry.
You've always been a great teacher.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Fun evenings with friends.
2. Kitchens. And everything that takes place in them.
3. Answered prayer.

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