Friday, January 15, 2016

It Didn't Rain Today!

(It was supposed to.) (According to the app on my phone.) (Which has proven to be unreliable more than once.) (But this was a lovely, unexpected weather condition.) (So instead of staying home to read the book I need to finish start for book club on Monday, I went for a walk.) (From Science World to Granville Island and back again.) (Which is about 7.5 kms if numbers are important to you.) (I had my camera with me.) (Sorry. This post will have seawall pics of Vancouver.)

And this post will also have this: (which is fun)

Adele Carpool Karaoke

False Creek was glowing pink tonight.
Which was pretty and feminine and had me thinking of breast cancer awareness.
(So that was a marketing campaign that surely worked.)

It is so obviously the start of a new year.
The city was bristling with activity.
We passed at least 3 separate running groups out tonight. All hogging the seawall like they had more of a claim on the space simply because they were moving faster?

And SO many bikers zippin' around in the dark. Twas crazy I tell you. Like walking on a main thoroughfare. Which is what makes it feel so safe, you know?

And there were traffic jams on the water. So many paddlers and rowers out there. Here. There. Everywhere.

And INSIDE the buildings along the seawall?
Busy bees of activiteees:

This (below) however, was my fav spot on the walk:

In the summer there's always someone sitting on those chairs.
In the winter? No one does.

One of these times Ima gonna bring a blanket and just sit there for a spell. Lookit the stars. Watch for satellites. Critique everyone's outfit as they walk by. Maybe close my eyes for a few minutes. Probably say 'thank you' to God for this life. And talk to whoever is sitting in that chair beside me.

One of these days....


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Work lunch today with Cathy, one of our editors and Laurel, the creator of all the lesson plans for Kids Of Integrity.

Rich conversation full of wisdom, encouragement and inspiration. I love the way women connect. Just before she left, she handed me a book she'd written, Praying the Proverbs for your Children. I glanced through it between work and walk - and am looking forward to adding this guide to the way I pray for my kids and others.

2. Twinkle lights. They're not just for Christmas anymore.

3. I am thankful for quiet moments at the end of the day.


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