Monday, February 22, 2016

A People Weekend

I've spend the last couple weekends at the lake by myself.  Because I love doing that.

This weekend? Was not that.

First, there was a baby shower, inspired by Pinterest with many women-folk in attendance:

And then?

A birthday party.

It was Hawaiian themed.
Can you tell?

And today?A Valentine's Day dinner, one week late, with my kids.
Twas our first time together since Christmas. I hadn't seen Clint nor Max in nearly two months, so this was kinda a big deal.

I tried to use All The Colours when I made supper:

(Yay me for making an effort.)

I wasn't allowed to blog about it til now,  but now that it's OK, I can blab all I want.

Clint worked at TED last week.

He assisted the guy in charge of logistics. So, on average, he walked about 50 kms per day, all of them inside the Vancouver Convention Centre. He helped Larry Price (CEO of Google) find a seat inside the auditorium, met Stephen Speilberg, saw Harrison Ford, Goldie Hawn, Will Smith, Bill Gates... and sat in on all the presentations.

He likely learned more in one week about event management than the average person learns during a couple years of schooling.

I am thrilled that he had the opportunity.

(This was one of his favorite talks, by the way:)

Anyway, back to my dinner.
He brought some swag.

And he brought a thing.
It's like your own personal "Fly Over Canada" toy.
There's a screen, displaying video in 3D, plus audio.

Wild I tell you.

We all took turns.

After we ate my meal of many colours, Drew had a turn:

Then Danica, but she got nauseas from all the action.

And then we sat around and watched TED videos.

So glad these kids are mine.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1.The people in my life.
2. Answered prayers, even if it was less a prayer, and more of a longing...
3. And if He answered that longing, I know He's all over the more important stuff.


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