Thursday, March 17, 2016

I Heart Vancouver

Dear God,

Thank you for creating cherry blossom trees and weeping willow trees.
And for sunrises.
And sunsets. (Especially those that happen after 7 pm)
For spring evenings.
And brisk walks.
And ocean shores. (Also known as beaches.)
And friends who walk alongside. (And don't mind you stopping every 3 minutes to take a pic.)
Thank you for order. And seasons. And rhythms. And cameras.
Thank you for families (mine in particular.)
And thank you for cities. And villages. And communities. And neighbourhoods.

Thank you for loving me. And him. And her. And them. And those. And these.

Specifically, right now?

I'm praying for healing and hope for Charles. And peace for his family. Wisdom for his doctors.
I'm praying for those in my life with a cancer diagnosis; I pray the chemo/radiation/treatments have 'worked'. I pray Your will be done in their lives.
I pray for those in pain, both physical and mental. God please heal them. Enable them to get well.

Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Three things I'm most thankful for today:

1. Mountains and music.

2. Running shoes and fresh water.

3. Leftovers in the fridge.

Shalom, friends.


Tricia said...

Vancouver has mountains?!! How beautiful...I had no idea. As you know Ikind of love mountains.

Susan said...

I "heart" Vancouver too! My son lives there and I get to visit him in a couple of months. Missing the cherry blossoms, but Van Deusen gardens will have something lovely to see I am sure. What a fantastic city!