Friday, March 4, 2016

Single-handedly Keeping the Entertainment Industry Afloat

So. Yeah.
Rainy evenings = movie dates...

Tuesday night:

Wednesday night:

Thursday night:

In case you're wondering...
I'd recommend Lady in the Van if you're in my demographic. Maggie Smith is a wonder.
And what I liked about the movie was that it was loosely based on the truth. (I'm a sucker these days for real stories.) 

And Eddie the Eagle is a true story as well - based on the British skier who in 1988 became the first competitor to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping.  It's stars Taron Egerton, that cute kid from Kingsmen; he did an amazing job transforming himself:

See what I mean?

And then tonight, it was Deadpool. 
It? Was not based on true events.
And while it did have its comedic moments. there was not enough story and too much with the fighting for me. My two cents. 


I've been watching Nashville on and off this year. 
And just found this video, (by Jonathan Jackson), who is Avery on the show:

The reason I'm liking this show?
Is the behind-the-scenes glimpse I get into the music industry.

I love the way artists come together to collaborate on songwriting and performing. Seemingly effortlessly. I'm a fan of pro's working as a team. 

Also on the show are two real-life sisters, who play sisters on the show. They are Maisy and Lennon Stella. And they are Canadians. Haha. 

Here they are at the Grand Old Opry:

Who am I anymore?
Country music, what?


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Stories.

2. People who share their experiences, either through song or story.

3. That our lives are stories; are we still have alot of chapters to go. 


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