Saturday, March 5, 2016


Thank y'all for praying yesterday for our beautiful girl.

The operation was a success, with seemingly no complications (other than they had to go one inch deeper than anticipated). I popped in to see her last night for a few minutes and she was still enjoying the effects of the painkillers which were doing their job wonderfully. She said, "Can you thank everybody for praying? The things I was worried about didn't happen..."

I left her snuggled on the couch with her mom beside her, her cat in her arms, and my boy at her feet.


Update on Charles:

Written by Tracy

It's 7pm and I've finally got a chance to speak to the doctor and get an update from him. He feels that since Charles has been in the ICU for two weeks, and he has not made significant enough progress to date. 
The lungs are just not responding and recovering the way they should. Therefore if there is not significant change and improvement they are very much considering echmo but only for his lungs, as the ultrasound for his heart has showed that his heart is healthy. This would require surgery in the OR room and right now it is too risky so they hope to stabilize his breathing before that procedure can take place. 
Echmo is an external bypass machine that would oxygenate his blood outside of his body in order to let his lungs completely rest and recover. There is also a secondary infection which the doctors think is probably ventilator pneumonia from the ventilator. Yesterday he was responding to the antibiotics well but today his white blood cell count has gone up again. Now they are talking about performing a tracheotomy. Please continue to pray for improvement. Thank you everyone!

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(Note to Jane; thanks for your comment. Tracy and Vickie are friends, both on facebook and in real life.)


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. God listens when we pray.
2. He always answers.
3. He is good. And He loves us.


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