Sunday, April 10, 2016

Pretty City

That's Vancouver in the distance.
We were on Burnaby Mountain tonight... celebrating a birthday, looking at the scenery, and watching the sunset. Oh, and eating the very best cheesecake I'd ever had in my whole entire life. And talking. (Put 5 women around a table filled with food, there will be conversation.) And unexpectedly? We also spent a bit of time viewing the 4 moons of Saturn. Oh yes we did.

Have you been to Burnaby Mountain recently?

Oh my goodness; you surely should go. 
Take along someone you love ... then make out as the sun sets. Hahaha. It's such a perfect kissing spot. 

(Do kids still do that? Park their cars in a scenic spot to neck?)


The 'other 4' each staking a spot along the lookout, who enjoyed the scenery and blue skies with me:

Birthday babe:

See what I mean about the sunset?
Spectacular, eh?

We sat in a windowed corner of Horizon's Restaurant, ate an excellent meal, talked about diets and grandchildren and watched the sky explode with color.

(Haha. See what I mean about talking about grandchildren? It was someone's first ballet recital. We were kept updated all evening with photos and videos as they came to grandma's phone.)

And after the sun went down, the lights of the city twinkled on:

After that? We wandered through the parking lot, and approached a guy with a telescope and asked him if we could take a look. He showed us Saturn. With it's 4 moons. And It. Was. Awesome.

There are days when I just feel so, so, lucky. 
Today was another one of those days, 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. I get to live here.
2, The universe is massive. And we are tiny specs. How awesome is that?
3. This? Is to die for:


Raspberry compote, coconut graham crust
I will go back to that restaurant in a heartbeat to have that dessert. Seriously. SO good. Or, if anyone has a good recipe for this, please post it in the comments. A thousand thanks. 

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