Monday, May 2, 2016

May Day

So, so, SOOOO very thankful for:

1. This weekend's outstanding weather. 25 degrees!

2. Jenn finished writing her book! At the lake! In the bedroom down the hall, while I sat in the sun and read words on my Kindle. I love days like this. Especially since there were no mice in the cabin.

3. A great Saturday night; after supper we walked along the Vedder then celebrated her accomplishments (re FINISHING THE BOOK) by having an ice cream treat at Dairy Queen then binge watching the final 5 episodes of Poldark, going to bed at about 4 am. Don't tell me that isn't an awesome night.
So Much Green

Introducing Jenn to the Vedder

Shalom friends. 
Have a good Monday,

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