Monday, July 18, 2016

Day 6 Con't. Hanoi at Night (Sunday June 5) #TheAsianAdventure

As much as I liked Hanoi during the day, I fell in love with it at night.

Which isn't surprising, really. I AM a night person, after all...

We took a cab to a restaurant, then walked around The Old Quarter for a few hours before walking back to our hotel.

This is what we saw:

An art store.With the artist working in the attic. In a 7 x 7 x 7 cube that must've been 150 degrees.

The Night Market to End All Night Markets.

And the live music?
We stood there, in that heat, with rivers of sweat dripping down our backs, listening to and absolutely loving every song they sang.

The power lines get me every time.

And then we left The Old Quarter and walked along the lake, which was hosting its own party:

There was dancing in the streets.

And this is where couples/friends/families meet.
On the lakeshore. Just to hang out.

And this? Is a common sight too.
Young love...

Tuckered babies getting a ride home:


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