Thursday, August 25, 2016

It was my Aunt Mary's birthday...

... and my cousins from London and from New York were in town.

So I popped in to see them, after working a full day, for an hour, inbetween rear-ending a poor Indian man on the freeway (who was driving a courtesy car from an AutoBody shop because he'd been rear-ended the week before in his own car) and looking at a house in Abbotsford that I considered buying for about 10 minutes.

I got home just in time to heat up the last piece of the left over lasagna for Clint (that my sister made for my mom) (on what would have been her and dad's 57th wedding anniversary) who was dropping off some props for a video shoot he'll be doing here on Friday; an ad for a sausage company.

He walked in through the house, saw my camera on the counter, grabbed it on his way out to the deck, and took pics of the sunset. And I stood there, watching him from a distance, smiling, I thought to myself,  "This. This is what he inherited from me. Probably the only thing, but still. It's something. And it's something good."

Are you ready for more pics of my family?

Starting with my dad's older brother, John and his wife, Mary, who is having issues with her eye.

I couldn't place what looked different about my aunt Mary while I was there, but now? Looking at the photos? I realize it's her hair. She's changed it's style. And I think it looks lovely. So soft and pretty.

Uncle John was telling us about his dad (because we all agreed that MY dad was nothing like his twin sister or his older brother, who take after their mom; so my dad must be like his dad...) and he said he was a carpenter, who built things (not necessarily homes) out of wood. And he'd take John to work with him. Which sounds like my dad, no?

Also, this has me thinking about my dad in heaven. Did he and his dad find each other, like right away on that first day? Was he waiting for him? Is heaven going to be like that? I'd like to think that Ome reconnected with her husband, and together, with huge smiles and eyes all crinkly from laughter, gave dad a huge bear hug when he got there. I can imagine them all talking in low german, and laughing.

This is my Uncle John and his daughter Ruth, and her husband Tony (from London) and his younger son, Tim, his wife, Kiersten, and their two girls, Siri and Ellie (from New York).

The trouble with taking multi-generational group shots? Children squirm and everyone else blinks.

I took a dozen. These are the best.

My Uncle John and Aunt Mary have one more child, an older son, named John, who is married to Maria. (They were here in June while I was in Vietnam.) They have four kids, and the oldest, Jason, lives in BC with his wife, Vanessa and their two kids; Seth and Sadie. 

These are the family photos I got of them. Hoping to simply to get 4 bodies in the pic. I didn't need them facing the camera. 

Goal realized. 
All four of them. 
Yes, for sure, hire me to capture your family events. I get all the good poses. 

And just a few random shots because I did way more visiting than shooting this time round. 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Family
2. Cousins who travel long distances.
3. Sons, sunsets, leftover lasagna, watermelon, realtors who protect you from making stupid decisions, balmy evenings, and the internet.

Shalom, friends,

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