Saturday, September 10, 2016

Make that FOUR.

Four nights in a row where tears fell.

Only last night they were accompanied with laughter.

Hilarious laughter listening to Sue share our (well, mostly MY) Vietnamese massage stories  to a room full of friends who'd just watched/sang-a-long to Mama Mia while eating snacks and drinking wine. She predicted I'd find those experiences funny someday.

I guess it's all in the telling.

She has some mad skills at doing just that.

"And then I looked up from my bed across the hall, and through the open door to her massage room I could see her (stretched out on the table, with a tiny woman sitting on, and grinding over, her bare white bum) not noticing the man who entered the room carrying a pile of towels."


I had no idea the door was open.

Or that she was watching.

My face is still on fire with embarrassment.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Friends who sing along to movies.
2. Friends who laugh, long and hard, with enthusiasm and gusto. It's infectious.
3. Samosas.


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