Saturday, October 22, 2016

Read-a-thon update 12 Noon

What everyone's doing: I've heard the alarm beep twice as the door downstairs was opened and shut, but other than the smell of a stew simmering, there is no discernible activity going on besides reading. We are here to read. We are reading. 

Reading: I am reading Eligible, still

Pages read this hour:61 

First sentence of second paragraph on this page: He glanced around the table. "Have I put you to sleep yet, Mr. Bennett?" "No more so than our dinners usually do. Carry on."

What I’ve been eating: Nothing. I still haven't gotten out of bed. BUT THERE IS BLUE SKY outside. My phone app predicted rain all day, so this break in the weather is lovely. And if I wasn't committed to reading, I'd get myself down to the Vedder to walk along the river and catch a few Pokemon. 

Reading position/location: Alternating between sitting up in bed and lying down in bed. It's my way of getting exercise. 

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