Saturday, October 22, 2016

Read-a-thon Update: 2:00 pm

What everyone's doing: I am at the table, setting myself up for some reading, sitting beside Bekah who is BEADING. She is making amazing creations, in this cabin, RIGHT NOW. I will post pics eventually.

Reading: I am reading Eligible. I may will do this for one more hour, then switch to something else. The Bennetts are a bit annoying. Haha. 

Pages read this (half) hour: Hardly any. I've put on make up, curled my hair and prepared a snack. As well as visited for a few minutes. 

First sentence of second paragraph on this page: Her mother had been adequate - often annoying but far from abusive.

What I’ve been eating: 2 tiny cinnamon buns, an apple and a bagel. 

Reading position/location: At the table, next to the sliding doors, bathing myself in natural light. 

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