Saturday, October 22, 2016

Read-a-thon Update - 4:00 pm

What everyone's doingThe sisters are sharing a couch, both reading. Clint just arrived and his voice seems so loud and deep. And his boots, so noisy. 

Reading: Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld. Just finished part one. Darcy's declaration of love is weird coming from a surgeon in Cincinnati 2015.

Pages read this hour: I'm on page 294. I suck at math. Not sure how to add and subtract anymore.

First sentence of second paragraph on this page: Jane was quiet before saying, "Maybe he's not as bad as we thought, if he recognizes how special you are."

What I’ve been eating: One homemade chocolate chip cookie baked by Bekah,. 

Reading position/location: At the table, sitting upright on a wooden chair. 

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