Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Bake Off 2016 and a Prayer

Dear God,

It's that time of year again. People are hurting and being stretched and feeling overwhelmed. Families are dealing with disappointment, and scary diagnosis's, and loss and change. Friends are looking for work, for love, for peace.

You know all this. You knew, even before we were born, how broken and needy and under-equipped we'd be to handle all of the challenges that are part of life on earth. Could you remind us again, each of us, individually, in a uniquely personal way. just exactly how much You love us, and how You've got this?

Please give those who are struggling with addictions, an extra measure of strength as they battle their demons.  Give the folks who love them, an extra dollop of wisdom and patience as they walk alongside. I pray that they would feel victorious and confident as they chalk up some clean time. God, I pray you would bring into their lives, friends who're ahead of them on the journey; friends who can encourage and support. Friends who do not condemn or judge, friends who love. God I pray for those who are struggling; provide them with a community who understands and enters in.

God, for those who are struggling with broken family relationships, I pray you would give them hope. Hope that things will get better, Hope that the broken bits will be restored. Hope that You will redeem the mess that seems un-clean-up-able. Hope that something beautiful can and will rise up from the carnage. God, I pray your spirit would be at work, doing healing things in the lives of those who are hurting.

And I pray for those who are struggling with anxiety. God, please give them peace. Peace to calm their racing spirit, peace to be able to breathe, peace to be able to sleep, peace to be able to function. And if medication is what's best, please give them peace when they pop that Ativan. God I pray you would flood their souls with peace so they can rest while You do your healing work in their lives.

I pray too, for those who have over-extended themselves this season. If they've done so, in response to opportunities You've presented, I pray You will be their source of strength. Give them wisdom as they allocate time, money and energy towards the commitments they've made and the people they are supporting. God, as they trust You with the details, I pray You will remain faithful in supplying them with everything they need to complete the work You've started in and through them.

God? For those who are aching for someone to share their lives with, I pray You would hear their prayers. I pray that You would be doing some divine match-making according to Your will for their lives. And I pray for those who are waiting; please give them patience and purpose and joy in their singleness. Fill their lives with love and opportunities to love. Protect them from making desperate mistakes while they wait on You...

And God? I pray for those who are looking for meaningful, life-giving, appropriate employment. Please? Could you be in the process of creating work opportunities in positive environments with skilled leaders and friendly, hardworking co-workers for those who need to earn a living? I pray for those who are struggling to know what they're good at, what they can contribute, what they can do to make a difference. God, please speak into their lives. Remind them that they have been uniquely created with a set of skills and talents for such a time as this. Arrange for 'random' divine interactions to take place this season, so that key relationships will be formed and jobs will be offered. I know You've gone ahead and already have things in place. Give us faith to trust Your timing.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. My kids.
2. Traditions.
3. A fridge full of food for the upcoming month.

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