Monday, January 23, 2017

Just because.

The snow has finally melted in my neighbourhood, and green grass is visible again.
I felt the need to celebrate.

So for no real reason, other than it feels like Spring is imminent, I invited the kids over for supper tonight.

Nothing says Spring like tulips and crocuses. And puppies.

Meet Blue:

Amy was babysitting him today, so we got to play with him this evening:

When he started biting our toes, we introduced him to Alf:

After we'd tuckered him out, we played a game:

(I suck at it. But totally don't care.)

And then, because I'm getting rid of Many Things this month, (a blog post about that is in the works), the boys were going through some of my boxes of books. 

Max is a master of these. 

Drew is not. 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Spontaneous-ish family suppers with puppies.
2. Salvation Army thrift store's drop off centre. SO helpful.
3. Sermon topics that are 100% directly related to exactly what you're dealing with.

Shalom, friends.
Have a good week...


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LDB said...

I love Alf. :)