Friday, March 24, 2017

Do hard things.

No one said it'd be easy.
But if you've had an extended Season of Simple, then when things get messy and complicated, it's hard to tackle them. 

Some relationships are hard.

Some jobs are hard. Sometimes the environment is rough and your co-worker is a pill.

Some health diagnosis's are awful to hear. And the future looks like an agonizing up-hill climb.

Some physical efforts are painful. Sometimes just walking hurts.

Some emails are hard to write. Some are difficult to receive.

Some decisions are hard to make; all the options seem equally shitty.

But 'hard' isn't impossible,

'Hard' isn't an excuse for inaction.

'Hard' doesn't mean you give up.

'Hard' just means it won't be easy.

So do it.

And then celebrate when you're done, because, it WAS hard. And you did it anyway.

Yay you.


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