Monday, March 6, 2017

Eleven PM on March Fifth

We just had another snowfall.
I went for a walk.

And thought about a few things.
Like, last week, when I binge watched The Kindness Diaries?
During the first episode, after an older man offers Leon a night in his home, Leon asks him "why?
Why were you so kind?"
And he said that years ago, when he lived in Sheffield, England, he attended a Billy Graham crusade and went forward during the 'altar call' at end.
"Haven't looked back since. Been a Christian and trying to do the right thing."

So. Possibly a bit of foreshadowing concerning the Festival Of Hope with Franklin Graham this weekend?

But there's another thing too.
He mentioned Sheffield. And it just so happens that I've been praying for someone who lives in Sheffield.

Y'know how sometimes, you wonder if your prayers are needed?
Like? Are they making a difference?
God's gonna look for his lost sheep regardless of whether I ask/beg/plead him to, right?
And beside, my Sheffield resident had just moved to South Africa. So maybe someone else would pick up the prayer baton?

But, the very next day at work, during devo's, on the randomly placed slip of paper (with a prayer request on it) that was waiting on my chair? Was the request that I pray for South Africa and our office there.


So there's that.
Seems pretty clear:

I will keep praying. For South Africa, our office there, the country's leaders, it's residents.

And I'll keep praying for crusades and festivals and the life changing work they do.

(I watched tonight's Festival of Hope event on my phone, as it was broadcast live.
Nothing like having a Michael W Smith concert happening in the palm of yer hand.
I SO wanted to be there tonight...

Reminds me of the Olympics, in that I didn't fully appreciate the size and scope and impact of the event, which took years to plan, until it began.)

Dear God,

Will this winter end? Soon?
Help me to appreciate and love the stillness of this season.
Open my eyes to whatever it is you're attempting to show me...
I want to see it and be wow-ed by it.

Thank you for this weekend's Festival of Hope.
I pray that You will be especially close to those who made a commitment to follow You on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Provide them with mentors, friends, churches, and teachers to walk alongside.
Stir in them a longing to know You more.
Let the words they read in the Gospels they were given, make sense.

Bless the team and the leaders/bands/speakers as they debrief, unwind, rest, and prepare for the next city. May the impact they had on Vancouver be far-reaching and life-changing.

And God?
Thank you for this season of weddings and babies.
SO MANY of each.

I'm guessing You smile every time someone gets engaged.
And laugh with joy as they get married.

And I think You delight in every new child that is born.
Babies are Your precious gift to us. thankyouthankyouthankyou

The TED conference is the next big thing to hit Vancouver. Could you use that event for Your purposes and glory?
Not sure what that would look like, but have at 'er.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Divine coincidences.
2. Answered prayer.
3. Late night walks.


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