Monday, April 24, 2017


I be much thankful for:

1. Friday nights...


I finally saw some decent Cherry Blossoms...

And it's tulip season. I'm really hoping that the stars align (good weather + peak showiness + my availability) so that I can wander through the fields in Abby or Chilliwack.

It probs won't happen this year. So this'll havta do:

SO thankful for friends who don't mind driving into Vancouver to walk with me alongside the ocean.

2. Thankful for Saturday's evening service where the sermon topic is in keeping with what I've been mulling over lately; the power of stories.

3. Thankful for lazy, (really lazy) Sundays at the lake by myself and the book I needed to finish up for book club:

Oy. What a thinker.

Excellent book.

Finished it at 7:30 this evening, then had a bit of a cry.

How am I so lucky that I get to live this life?

(The other thing I finished this weekend was the Netflix series. "13 Reasons Why". OH MY GOODNESS. That's gonna sit with me a long while.)

A new week is beginning, hope your's is awesome,
Shalom friends,

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