Monday, August 14, 2017


It's Monday evening.
The smoke that has stolen the last few weeks of my summer has moved on, taking with it the hot temperatures. I've traded in my pajama shorts for the full length variety and I'm on my mom's back deck, with a hoodie on, hanging onto to that summer feeling with both hands.

I can't stop crying.

Well, crying may be too strong a word.

I keep tearing up.

The hatred on display in Charlottesville over the weekend, the death of the stunt-driver, (working on Deadpool 2) this morning in Vancouver, a video I just watched, showing the kindness of a garbage truck driver giving a young boy with autism (who excitedly watches him come to their home every week) a Tonka-type garbage truck toy, the sorrow in the opening monologue of Jimmy Fallon's show tonight, photos of Johnny Depp dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow visiting Vancouver Children's Hospital today; my friend Marg letting me know she's been to hell and back with her first round of chemo and had to quit because she couldn't handle it, missing my boy who's gonna be in Africa for another month ... combine all that with hormones running amok, and well. Tears.

Kindness, hatred, pain, joy, longing  ... this is life. It's messy.

Dear God,

Give our leader's wisdom even if they don't ask for it. I'm asking on their behalf.

Open our eyes so that we see each other the way that You do; with love.

Ignite inside us a passion for justice and righteousness. Give us boldness to speak up when we should.

How can we be kinder? Give us lots of opportunities to try. And when we fail, give us more chances. We need the practice.

Please don't give up on us.


And PS, God? Can you just go ahead and heal Marg? Chemo is just too hard. We need her. Just have at that cancer and condemn it to hell. OK? Thanks.

For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal, declares the Lord.
~ Jeremiah 30:17

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