Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Cough. Happy Cough Thanksgiving. And Bang Progress Report.

I've been coughing and blowing my nose since Sept 27, when I was in Hiroshima.
Most days I've been able to go to work for at least 6 hours, but then I'm wiped and sleep for 18.

Common cold? Man cold? Japanese cold? Jet lag? Old age?

Whatever it is, it has done me in.

Plus, as per terrible timing, I am growing my bangs out. Everything about my head is annoying.

We celebrated Thanksgiving on Sunday evening. 
I was going to order take out and suggest we eat on paper plates because:
1. I have no energy
2. The dishwasher is broken. 

But changed my mind when the kids said they'd help with prep and clean up. (And for the record, they were all totally OK with take-out as well.) (Best kids ever with absolutely no expectations re: traditional holiday foods.) As well, they were going to take me to emergency because Oh My Goodness, The Cough. I am surprised my spleen hasn't shot out of my mouth during some of the more violent fits.  

As proof of how crappy I've been feeling, these are the only photos I took on Sunday. Which was the day that all 5 kids were together for the first time since the July long weekend. Normally I woulda lined them all up. Had them smile. Posted the pic on Facebook. Clearly I am not myself. 

So this is Blue, my foster grand-fur-baby: (Amy babysits him a couple weekends a month)

What? Your Thanksgiving dinners don't end with a cake baked in a disposable tin tray eaten while just about everyone is looking at a screen? 

After this?
We cuddled up in the basement media room (formerly my girl cave) and watched some home movies (from 1991, 1995 and 2001) that I had transferred to DVD. 

Absolutely the best way to end a great evening. 

So many good memories. 

Hoping your Thanksgiving involved less coughing and more turkey than mine.
Thanks for reading Pix n Prose...

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. The colours of fall. 
2. The love of family.
3. Hairspray and it's ability to keep those @&*% bangs out of my eyes for 15 minutes. (Within half n hour, it was flat and poker straight, as per that pic above.) Cough. 

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