Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Let Heaven and Nature sing....

Started this post on a longggg time ago...

Last weekend was busy, even by my standards.
I had hoped to take Monday afternoon off, to regroup before Book Club, but that didn't happen, so TUESDAY NIGHT was gonna be The Night of Staying In.

I was planning on just catching my breath.
I was not going to have anyone over.
Nor was I going out.

I still haven't moved all my things from the top floor to the basement, but my mom had the cleaning lady take everything out of the doll room (my room for a year) and put in the upper hallway next to the stairs. So.
I knew.
It was time to get the last o my crap and bring it down.


I went to the ballet.
(Instead of cleaning my room)
(Because I have no self-discipline.)
(And because I thought to myself, "When's the last time you did something for the first time? It's gonna be TONIGHT. Tonight I'm going to the ballet for the first time.)
(Admittedly this was not a big scary 'first time' thing that deserves an award or anything.)
(But if you want an excuse to not clean up your bedroom, you will grasp at any straw.)

I should add that on THIS day, we had a snow storm. My drive home from work was harrowing:

A few minutes later I was picked up and whisked away to Vancouver.

It was stunningly beautiful and totally magical. I was there with a 5 year old girl who was absolutely enchanted...

My selfie. Me on the balcony looking into the circular mirrored wall.

Afterwards we drove through McDonalds.

Thanks, Shell, for the invite.
Twas a great eve


Wednesday night (Dec 20) seemed like a good time to sign and address Christmas cards. In my desk drawer I found stamps. Lots of them. From years gone by.

I have no idea how much postage is needed to mail an envelope that contains a card, a letter and a photo. So I errorred on the side of extravagance and gave each greeting two stamps.

And this one? That was destined for the States? Got one each of All The Stamps:

(Of course, it is now ChristmasEve Day Christmas Day Boxing Day and I haven't actually put these in a mail box. So. Don't hold your breath if you usually get a card from me. This could be another one of those years that I get around to mailing them in 2023).

It seemed a good time to wrap a few things and decorate my space in this house.

Pool tables are good for many things.

All ready.

Who woulda thought I'd turn into a minimalist?


On Thursday one of my print vendors sent me a box of Naked Snacks. One of my colleagues renamed them:

Inspired by Monday night's Book Club Jeopardy, I prepared a game for my kids for Christmas day:

I may have stayed up way too late thinking of questions.

On Friday after work, I went to the mall and florist.
Christmas shopping.
And then at 9 pm, I drove around, dropping off gifts.
I'm efficient that way.


On Saturday I drove out to the lake to check on the work that'd been done since the break in. It took me two hours to get there.
Because this:

The big ol wide open spaces of the Sumas Prairie.
It just gets me every time I drive east.
You can take deeeeep breaths out here.

One of my favorite things to do is to walk around the city. I love evenings in Vancouver.
But whoa. I sure love weekends in the country as well.
Cows n barns = <3 p="">

I think I take our mountains for granted.

My tree.

 For an extra $250, the restoration company gave us a security bar:


That's what $250 will buy ya.

Just as I was leaving to go to McDonald's for a drive-thru dinner:

The most important sentence to note is the very last one.
My wish for you, dear readers, is that you have someone in your life that offers you rice and gravy on a random winter evening.

NOTHING says I love you like the offer a sitdown meal of leftover gravy and rice along with a side order of conversation about things that matter.

From there. I drove over to Guildford Mall to pick up the last of the photo prints I'd ordered and catch a few Pokemon. SO grateful for late night shopping. And readers who don't judge.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Messages, tweets and texts from people I love.
2. The phrase. 'don't be daft' :)
3. A surprisingly good attitude about Christmas and winter right now.

Shalom, friends,

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