Thursday, January 4, 2018

The End of 2017 (Part Two of Wrappin er up)

Sunday Dec 31 was bright and sunny and I could hardly wait to get into my truck and drive out to the valley. I needed to see what those frozen trees looked like in the daytime.

LIKE, magical and enchanting and breathtaking and it even, it even made me super glad that I hadn't gone away on a holiday like everyone else in my life.
Yes; it was that incredible.

Naturally, it was almost impossible to capture digitally because ice crystals look alot like frost when the sun is on high beam. But the world was sparkly and radiant and pure and silver and fresh and I can't think of anymore words to describe it.

I used up one of my memory cards so I stopped in at London Drugs to get a second one. Those 90 minutes by myself in my truck driving around the back roads of Abby? Filled my soul with peace. I wondered if God was laughing at my awe of His handiwork. I have a hard time saying the words, "God you are so creative. I worship you, etc" Or whatever it is that Holy people say.

So I was hoping that my smiles and snaps and sighs were interpretted by Him as adoration and appreciation. Maybe that's what worship is? Being overcome with unspoken awe when He shows off.

(See what I mean about it looking frosty? IT WASN'T. THAT was frozen water. It was ICY. )

This yard looked like it had been sprayed with metallic silver spray paint. There were a bunch of us parked at the side of the road trying to capture the spectacle.

Crazy, right?

And then I drove home and took my first ever photo of a full moon.

My New Year's Eve was a bundle of fun.

I picked up Kim then drove into downtown Vancouver via Hastings Street which is the polar opposite of the ice covered fields I'd seen earlier.

From the pristine beauty of a wide open space to the dirt and grime of a forgotten, ignored humanity in the core of the city.  It was so heartbreaking and messy and awful. Why does life have to be so hard for some?

We watched The Shape of Water.

It would have been helpful if I'd seen the poster or read a write-up before getting comfy in the theatre. Because I was somewhat surprised when the mute janitor cuddles up with a river monster from the Amazon.

Twas a twist on the beauty and the beast story.
Vera entertaining.

And then?
We went out for dinner.

McDonald's on Main.
Because that's where the party was at.
We had cheeseburgers and McFlurry's.
Then walked over to the seawall and wandered until Kim became a popsicle.

She needed to be in bed by a 'decent' hour so I dropped her off at 10.

I drove back to my mom's and watched Netflix til 4.

Because I don't understand decent.


Walked around Fort Langley on New Year's Day, complaining about things I have no right to complain about while catching Pokemon.

I have a good life.
A great life.
A fabulous life.

Some days I should just shut up.


My mom turned 78 this week.
We celebrated with steak.

And squiggly things that come from the sea:

Next we'll spit in a tube.
She wants to trace her ancestry, so we got her this:

I got one as well.
And I got one for Max.

Looking forward to seeing what kind of smorgasbord of ethnicities I've got lurking in my blood.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. I get to live a pretty good life.
2. My family is awesome.
3. All my kids are back from Sunpeaks, safely.

Happy new year, friends,

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Kim N. said...

I didn't see the winter wonderland in Abbotsford until New Year's Day, but my response was very much like yours - gasping, smiling, giggling. I have never seen any winter scenery that came close to the sparkly light on that day. What a treat!