Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Things I'm Thankful For:

1. I'm glad I like sleeping in cold rooms. We've been without heat for a week. New furnace is coming tomorrow.

2. Grateful that my bro and my friend had spare space heaters they could lend us. Now we no longer see our breath on the main floor or my mom's bedroom.

3. My book club. I love that we start talking about The Book and end up talking about life. One of my favorite nights of the month.

Movies I watched recently:

1. I, Tonya. Really enjoyed this. Amazing acting. A look behind the sensational news story we're all familiar with.

2. Thor. Grrr. I loved the minutes that I actually saw/heard, but Danica and I left the theatre after 80 minutes. The sound kept cutting out; so someone would leave their seat to find the manager, who'd send someone to jiggle the cable and rewind it back about 5 minutes. After 80 minutes and 6 jiggle/rewinds, the manager said, "We're not coming back again. If the sound goes out, you'll have to watch it without. We'll put on the closed captioning for you. If you'd rather see another movie, we'll transfer your ticket to another show."

3. Molly's Game. Maybe I've mentioned this one already? Written by Alan Sorkin. 'nuff said.

Books I've read recently:

1. March - by Geraldine Brooks. A Pulitzer prize winner in 2005. Did you like Little Women? Well this is the story of their dad, who was away during the war... I recommend. This was our book club selection for January. SO good.

2. A Tangled Mercy - by Joy Jordan-Lake. We read one of her other books during our first book club year (9 years ago!) and I loved it, so I took a chance and bought this one for my Kindle. I'd give it a 7/10. It's OK. It too is about those civil war years (just like March.)

3. Dear Dwayne With Love - by Eliza Gordon. (WHO IS MY FRIEND). I haven't finished it yet, but I will any minute now. Chick-lit at it's finest. Fun and funny and real. So proud of her.

Things I've cried about recently:

1. Two more gals that I work with are leaving/have left. Wishing them the best, but going to miss them terribly.

2. Prayers that were answered with a "no". Oh yeah, sure, I know in my head that it's for the best but for right now the no aches a bit in my heart.

3. I just get so disappointed in myself. I am my own worst enemy, I realize that. But come on. My personal development is at a stand-still.

Things on my January To Do list:

1. Mail the last of my Christmas cards
2. Buy vitamins and spinach.
3. Use 3 Groupons before they expire.

Words to claim in 2018:

1. Release (like, 'let go'.) Of things, hopes, expectations, relationships.
2. Appreciate (the moment I'm in.) ie quit daydreaming.
3. Prioritize (make time for important things.)


1. The number of times I've been to the gym in the past week.
2. The number of times I've laughed while watching New Girl tonight.
3. The number of times per minute I wish I wasn't growing out my bangs.

Shalom, friends,

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