Monday, May 14, 2018

What? Another whole week has gone by?

Clint recently turned 31.
How did that happen? 
Where did the days go?

Its weird, eh? Having grown children? Living their own lives? In their own houses, in different cities, being all grown up n everything...

Can't say I'm a fan.

Circle of life, I suppose.
That said, I'm pretty proud of my boy.

(Right at this exact moment, we're both at the lake. He's stretched out on the couch,  working on his laptop. I'm at my usual spot at the table, beside an open patio door, listening to the frogs/crickets/wind in the trees/rushing creek, while blogging on my laptop. No conversation, as per usual. He IS a boy and used up his allotment of 200 words before he got here. :) I am saving my 20,000 words for another day.)

He's 31.
Responsible. He was here on Thursday night and texted me a pic of garbage cans that had been tipped over and ransacked by wild bunnies or bears or something. When I got here, late on Friday night, I could see that he'd cleaned up the whole mess. So thankful for his 'get er done' attitude.
Hardworking. He has his own company. He puts in crazy hours. Does his own bookkeeping. Is a videographer, photographer, editor, designer, project manager, and TEDTalks freelancer. He also is part owner in a few other companies. Because he has business running in his blood.
Creative. Oy, the boy knows art. And how to make things pretty. Appealing. Eye-catching.

I cherish these random moments that we're in the same space at the same time.

Pfffft. Cherish. Such an old lady word.
I hold onto these moments with both hands because they're rare and special.

It was Danica's birthday last week.
But we haven't celebrated it yet. We JUST finalized plans to do so on May 27. (Twenty three days late. WHAT THE HECK, OFAM.)
Everyone's busy.
We will celebrate with dinner and a movie. The new Star Wars flick; SOLO.
(We saw the new Avenger's movie for Clint's bday.)

Thank you Hollywood, for releasing blockbusters during birthday season.

Thank you, L and C for raising Dani. She is:

Hardworking. She is an artist, and whoa. The things she can do with scissors, dyes and hair. She's always learning, always trying new things... In addition to the long hours she puts in at the salon, she also does things with paint on canvases. Her and her dad are Woodever.Crafts and have been selling their creations at various markets in the lower mainland. Crazy how much talent this girl has in her fingertips.
Wise. She forwarded a copy of a text that she'd sent recently, and I read it with joy and pride. SO. Much. Wisdom in this girl. And compassion. And warmth. She? Knows how to love well.
Enthusiastic. I love her excitement for life. Joy just bubbles out of her. She is positive, encouraging and hope-filled.

Happy Belated (REALLY BELATED) Birthday, Dani. LOVE you x 1000.

Today was Mother's Day.
I wished my mom a happy one on Friday; gave her a gift, then took my aching body up to Cultus where I will hide out for a week.
(I had a thing done. It involved about 300 laser burns to my face and torso. And now I'm all scabby and itchy and maybe a bit whiny. Haha. I told the kids to forget Mother's Day - I really didn't want them to see me. Because I am vain. And I can't wear make-up nor wash my face for 72 hours. I am slathered in coconut oil and I am A SIGHT.)

Clint came up, regardless, to help me get ready for the painter who is gonna be working this week at freshening the place up. YES, it is time to say goodbye to that gorgeous '90's green. And then? He made me supper.
He'd bought groceries earlier in the week and had them in the fridge at the cabin even before I arrived.

These green walls?
Will be a thing of the passssst.

Tired eyes.
He'd just kayaked around the lake.
(And before that? Cleaned up the yard.)

I have never felt uglier. (No seriously. I have 300 scabby sores on my chest, neck and face. It is not a pretty sight.
But I have not felt this loved in like, a really long time.

Thanks, Clint, for all your work today.
And a million thanks for not saying anything about my face while you sat across from me, eating the dinner THAT YOU MADE.

I felt spoiled and loved and you are awesome.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Family
2. Sunny days
3. A week of working remotely.


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