Thursday, July 12, 2018

I Didn't Even Have to be on the Airplane

On Saturday night, (round midnight or so) I had the privilege of picking up Drew and Dani (and their friends) from the Vancouver Airport. I had a cooler filled with bottled waters, apples, bananas, and Purdy's chocolates waiting for them in the truck.

I handed it to Drew who opened it up, looked inside and said, "Ugh. I just can't."

Everyone else COULD, so that made me feel like less of a loser.

Besides that, I love picking up people from airports. I get to hear all about their trips while it's still fresh. I get to smell that second-hand airplane air on their clothes. I get to wonder when my next trip will be...


Celebrated with some friends on Sunday... July birthdays!
Dinner and a movie:

A blonde, a redhead, a brunette and a gray (single, divorced, widowed and married) (DIVERSITY!) (judge, hotel chain owner, restaurant-chef and and well, I don't know what Diane Keaton did for a job) are best friends and have a book club. A book club with just the four of them in it. (A book club totally unlike the one I'm a part of.)

They read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy and all decided they need more sex in their lives.


I personally am looking for role models (real or imagined) who are one generation ahead of me.
Maybe I'm not aiming high enough, but sadly, this movie's characters (with their powerhouse jobs and extremely thin bodies) were not inspiring, nor realistic to me.

It's good for laughs, but not life lessons.
Haha, OH? You don't go to the movies for life lessons?
My bad.
Carry on.


I had a poor sleep (involving some wild dreams) and woke up on Monday feeling lousy.
So I took some Advil, let my office know I'd be in later, and went back to bed.

I eventually made it to work, but was definitely operating at less than 100%.

I bought some groceries on my way home, made myself a decent vegetable-laden dinner then passed out around 10.

And woke up  on Tuesday feeling achy all over.

Let my office know I'd be in at noon (to take photos of our first staff BBQ of the summer) and I slept all morning.

Managed to get to work in time to take a few pics

That last pic?
Of watermelon?
Is haunting me right now. (Midnight on Wednesday.)

(Because that's EXACTLY what I'm craving.)

ANYWAY,  I managed to work a couple more hours, but packed it in at 3:30.
Was asleep in bed by 4.
Woke up at 9 and checked some work emails.
Back to sleep til midnight, woke up, had my leftovers from Monday night, realized that was a mistake, so sat up cradling my tummy while it sorted out that meal out, watching 6 episodes of New Girl on Netflix.

I didn't bother setting my alarm, so I woke up today, Wednesday, at noon, with many work emails wondering where I was.

I indicated I'd be online for the rest of the afternoon, then promptly fell back asleep until 5.
Craziest thing ever.
Like, am I sick?
Or have all the late nights caught up with me?
Or do I have old-age-itis?
Or cancer?

My mom was wondering where I'd picked up a bug. She hasn't heard of anyone else being sick...
And I thought, "I feel like I did when I came back from Japan. I picked up something on that flight and was the only sick person in Western Canada last fall."

While chatting online with the kids tonight, I mentioned I'd been feeling crappy, and when Drew said, "I've been sick too" IT ALL MADE SENSE. I caught it from him on the drive home from the airport. It only takes a spark.

Anyway, if I've cancelled an evening with you this week, it's because I've been sleeping. Or holding my aching body. Or learning about life and love from Nick, Schmidt, Winston, Jess and Cece.

If I don't get a husband to nurse me through old age, I've decided I'll need the following items within reach of my bed:

1. A microwave to heat up magic bags.
2. An icemaker. I know, its the least good way to drink water, but I like it cold.
3. A tiny fridge filled with watermelon slices.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. A bedroom in a cool, unheated, dark basement.
2. I'm not a surgeon. If I miss a day's work, no one's life is at stake.
3. I have three Pokemon friends who've sent me gifts.

Shalom friends,

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