Tuesday, August 7, 2018

It Didn't Rain

The forecasted wet weather didn't happen.
It was 30 + degrees all weekend.
I sat in the lake.

And it was glorious.

If last week's unplanned reading theme was "books written by British authors" then this weekend's spontaneous literature preferences were books with orange in their covers:

From a non-fiction, mother/daughter co-authored book about mothers and daughters and guilt, to a retelling of the story of Queen Esther ("for such a time as this") (and then I reread the real Esther book in the Bible) to a chick-lit story about a 24 year old Texan gal who started a blog to a 'who dun it' that kept me guessing ...

All were perfect beach reads.
(Even if the one about the blogger made me cry.)
(Her dad died.)

Summer daze:

I picked wild flowers and they just happened to match the mustard and drinking glass:

Drew's birthday is on the 9th, so I baked cupcakes:

Scrabble by candlelight with my girl and grand-girl:

The weekend is officially over. Drew and Dani left shortly after Drew got up. Clint and I are staying til Tuesday.

He made supper tonight.
(He took a cooking course earlier this summer. So. Herbs. Garlic x 1000. Butter. Spices. Rubs.)

It's about 25 degrees outside. We're both on our laptops, on the deck. Under my patio lights. And life is just about perfect.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. This life that I'm having right now. Why oh why does there have to be a winter? Everything is so lovely in the summer.

2. Writers, publishers, agents, editors, book sellers, cover artists, story-tellers.

3. I am so thankful that I'm not working on Tuesday. I think I'm going to love retirement. (Haha, as if. Seeing I don't really have a retirement plan, I don't really think I'll be retiring...)

4. My lil fam.

5. Star-studded nights. HAVE YOU LOOKED UP? The night sky is amazing. 2 am, and I'm lying on my back, on the deck just looking at the stars.

6. Cheezies.


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