Sunday, January 6, 2019

Jan 2019 - End of Week 1

Can I make a suggestion?
Don't bother with 23 and Me. Unless you really don't know anything about your ancestry... then it might be fascinating. But if you have a pretty good idea of who your relatives are? It won't tell you anything new or interesting. For instance? I know I am Dutch/German and my dad/all grandparents lived in the Ukraine/Russia.

So this was not a surprise:

The "French" part of the French and German intrigued me. But upon a closer look:

Haha, there was no French.
And the British/Irish bit? Just a 'possible match'... so probably not.

And the Russia/Ukraine results were not a surprise either.

I am who I think I am.

Not sure that was worth $100.

How about you? Have you done something like this? What did you discover or have confirmed?


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. We celebrated my mom's birthday on Jan 2. Ahhh Keg dinners. SO goood. I hope I look as young as she does when I turn 79.

2. My truck was broken into this week. It was parked on the driveway, right up against the house, as per always. They took my loose change and emergency $20. Plus our mail box keys, AND MY BRIGHT ORANGE HOODIE that is about 100 years old but it's 1. My only hoodie and 2. My favorite hoodie. Arrrrgggghhh. I am thankful that they didn't break into the house or steal my truck and light it on fire. (It's happened before.) So all things considered, I came outa that robbery, just mostly inconvenienced. 

3. I am thankful that my kids are back from Sunpeaks, with no 5 car pile-ups on the Coquihalla with written off vehicles and multiple injuries. (It's happened before.) 


Remember in my last post there were all those categories at the bottom (best this, favorite that, etc)? It's really hard at the end of the year to remember anything that happened in the first 9 months. So, I thought I'd make notes. Weekly. And then, in December, I can decide which ones were really the best. 

Of course, I may get bored with this idea and not ever do it again. But just in case I actually follow through with this, here is the template that I'm gonna add to some/most/a few of my blog posts this year:

  • Proudest moment this week: I was in a meeting at work with representatives from other departments talking about different aspects of our organization. Many positive things were mentioned about the Creative Dept, and I am just darn proud to be a part of that team. 
  • Most embarrassing moment of the week: I can't imagine EVER sharing something embarrassing on here. 
  • Funniest moment of the week: This category will likely remain empty as well. "Funny" is rarely something I experience. 
  • Biggest achievement of the week: I made it to the gym 4 times this week. And I threw 5 curve balls in a row on Pokemon. 
  • Best moment of the week: Last Sunday when I walked the Vedder Trail and saw random trees decorated with baubles, which made me smile, (obvs placed by short children as they're all clustered together on the lower left side of the tree) then looked up and saw the mountains, which caused me to 'awwwwh". 

  • Best holiday memory of the week: (Holiday: New Year's) Hmmm. I was by myself at the lake. Best memory? When the furnace was fixed at 4:30 pm on New Year's Eve. Twas very cold here before then. 
  • Best advice I heard this week: SO much advice this week... From cleaning advice "You need to buy a roomba and a Dison." To wardrobe advice, "You need to buy a Costco bathing suit today", to Pokemon advice, "you need to spend your coins on more bag storage" to exercise suggestions "Aldergrove Community Centre has a walking track..." to life advice, "Figure it out yourself." Coincidentally, I'm reading a Proverbs chapter each day this month. (31 days, 31 chapters) And the BEST advice I heard came from Proverbs 4: Above all else, guard your heart for everything you do flows from it.
  • Most grateful for this week: So very grateful for Clint and Max helping out with couches and TV's... my mom and I are are missing the muscles and brainpower for electrical/technical things, so we were heavily dependent on them. Grateful for their help and love. 
  • Favorite family memory of the week: Dinner with Daryl, Julie and my mom. (Also the only family memory this week.)
  • Best thing I learned this week: 
  • Biggest change I made this week: 
  • Best Only gift I received this week: I received this book from Maureen on Friday night:

  • New friend this week:
  • Most inspiring thing this week: This:

  • Word to describe this week: Routine 
  • Unexpected obstacles I faced this week: 
  • Unexpected surprise this week:
  • Best place I visited this week: 
  • New skill I learned this week: How to repost on Instagram
  • Biggest regret of this week: Being needy, asking for help.
  • Biggest obsession this week:
  • Best food I ate this week: So many good meals/good company/great conversation this week. But I guess the baked garlic shrimp and teryacki steak were my favorites.
  • Best TV show I watched this week: Didn't watch TV this week. 
  • Best viral video I watched this week:
  • Best meme I saw this week:
  • Best movie I watched this week: 
  • Best song heard this week:
  • New skill I want to learn NEXT YEAR:
  • Something to try NEXT YEAR:
  • Place I want to visit NEXT YEAR:
  • Most excited about this for NEXT YEAR: 
  • One thing to work harder on NEXT YEAR:

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