Tuesday, April 23, 2019

April 2019 - Week 17

I started the week chatting about this book:

... which wasn't my favorite book club book, but I'm very glad I read it. (We challenged ourselves to read a book outside of our usual genres so this was it. "Something written by, or about, indigenous people".) Pretty amazing how 'just' a book can change one's perspective.

The rest of the week was filled with work and dinners/talks/walks with friends. Plus another visit to the library. Where I borrowed this book,

because of this twitter thread that popped up on my feed:
(heads up... there's some rough language)
(this is all taking place in England)

The thread goes on and on, with many tweeters offering thoughts and commentary and it was just too funny. Kinda like an episode of Seinfeld unfolding in front of me.

ANYWAY, because of that whole thread, I borrowed Nine Perfect Strangers from the library.


On Thursday, after work, I drove over to Susan's house to pick up the sugar cookies she decorated for me:


Toooo cute.
Like, aaaachk, how could you eat them? They're just amazing.

From there, I went to The Bay to buy King size sheets/duvet/pillows/mattress pad/pillow cases etc. ONE MILLION DOLLARS LATER, (and 4 trips between the til and my truck) (because King-sized things are BIG and cumbersome to carry...) I went to Safeway to get a ham. And some tulips. For Easter dinner at Julie's.

I was so excited to bring her some cookies, that after I gave her a few, and the ham, I drove away.

I stopped in at Vivid on my way home from Julie's to drop off some cookies for Danica like an aging Easter rabbit.

I spent (what was left of) the evening cleaning out my closet, gathering papers for my taxes and packing for the weekend. Friday was Good Friday, (my favorite church-holiday) so I planned on finishing my laundry in the morning, then going to church ...

I left my mom's house a little after three, giving myself time to stop in at Julie's to drop off the tulips ...


Good Friday services are always amazing. They're like the reset button for my faith. THIS is why I believe. THIS is what I believe. THIS is how much He loves. This is everything.

After church, I drove over to Drew and Dani's place; they weren't home, but would be shortly.

(I left the tulips with them because on Saturday they would be arriving at Julie's hours before I would.)

I got to the lake just as it was getting dark (had to take down some gyms in Yarrow, then catch a few Pokemon at Main Beach...) so I quickly emptied out groceries and bedding and laptop and accessories and camera and turned on Netflix.

Don't bother watching the latest Netflix movie "Someone Great". I did, while taking the packaging off the bedding, making myself dinner, and it just made me sad. If it's an accurate commentary on what the average 30 year old is up to these days, it's depressing as hell. Actually it's a re-run of the '60's ... indiscriminate, random sex; recreational, endless drug use; constant, copious amounts of drinking; and looking for meaning in rock n roll. It was kinda gross.

So, to cleanse my (viewing) palette, as it were, I watched

I loved it x 1000.

I love this woman.
I love her research, her stories, her advice, her courage, her transparency.

I'll probably watch it again.
And take notes this time.


Saturday was GLORIOUS!
The SUN! It was out! And it was hot. And perfect. And I sat on the deck and read a book and it was just like summer and I wanted the afternoon to last forever.

At 3 I left for a birthday party:

My uncle John (my dad's brother) turned 90.

Selfie pic! (I'm in the mirror.)

A fun moment. Her heel got stuck in the heat register thingy:

It was stuck real good.

And as that party was winding down, I checked my phone:

Those tulips man.

I left my uncle John's shindig and headed down the freeway to Daryl and Julie's for turkey and ham and laughter and love ...

Daryl and Julie's house sold recently, so this was our last turkey dinner here.

A ton of great memories under this roof.

Must be a family dinner. Nothing but trucks in the yard.


From there, the Ofam all jumped into their separate vehicles and ended up at the lake. Where I did not have midnight meal ready. (And the following morning I did not have an Easter egg/treasure hunt prepared.)

The older I get the more I suck at Being Fun.

Text from Jule later in the evening:

Eventually I'll get those chocolates.
And someday I'll buy her tulips again.

Meanwhile, back at the lake on Sunday morning:
Drew and Dani left before I could get breakfast on the table, and Max shortly after that.

Happy birthday, Clint.

It was just the two of us at Cultus. I was attempting to read a book.
He was working:

When he putters around the yard like this, he reminds me of my dad.

I made us some stir fry for supper, followed by his favorite snacks:

When he left 'round 8, I was cleaning out closets.



Three things I'm thankful for:

1. He died + rose again = eternal life. (Some days this makes sense to me. Other days it's all a mystery. Regardless... it's what I'm basing my life on.)

2. A family-filled weekend. So many things to celebrate.

3. Beds.

Shalom, friends.

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