Wednesday, September 18, 2019

YAY !!!

I met with the surgeon this morning (Drew drove me) and heard the good news: there was no cancer in my lymph nodes or margins.

I am a happy, blessed, lucky woman.
Feels like I just won a lottery.

My file now gets moved FROM the breast clinic over TO the cancer clinic.
I'll be waiting (again) for an appointment (2 - 3 weeks) to find out about next steps.
Dr. Cader said there's a chance that chemo will be part of my treatment. She can never tell why some women with results similar to mine have just radiation while others have radiation and chemo. So we'll see. Obvs would love to bypass the chemo treatment, but am leaving that in the hands of those folks who took different courses than I did after high school.

Thank you for praying for me, supporting me, thinking good thoughts for me, loving me. This has been a crazy couple months. I will always think of Summer 2019 as My Sunflower Summer.

Know what these are?

I ordered them a few weeks ago. Because REGARDLESS of today's results, I was going to be thankful...

Dear God,
Uh, thanks.
Like, seriously.

Amen x 1000

Things to be thankful for:

Doctors who know how to cut and stitch.
Bodies that heal.
Pathologists who know things.
Friends and family who pray and text and love and support and cook and bake and walk and drive and hug and write and and and...
A God who loves me
And, of course, these people (who I've just photographed in the midst of food comas):


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