Friday, October 25, 2019

Pink Day

It's Oct 25.
Wear Pink Day.
For breast cancer awareness.

I will wear pink.
For the other One in Eight's who've had this diagnosis.

I am wearing pink.
For those who's journey is challenging, fear-filled, lonely, hard.

I am wearing pink.
For the other August First Ladies.


  • I am wearing pink for everyone who is waking up 2 - 3 times a night ON FRICKIN FIRE.
  • I am wearing pink for everyone who wakes up shivering with cold. 
  • I am wearing pink for everyone who cries uncontrollably when getting their eyebrows threaded. Or hits 10 red lights in a row. Or finishes a good book. Or doesn't recognize her face in the mirror.
  • I am wearing pink for everyone who's eyes just keep dripping when discussing their Medical Unemployment Insurance benefits with a crushingly kind government worker who breaks the news about their plan. 
  • I am wearing pink for everyone who is devastatingly disappointed when their appointment with the radiologist is cancelled unexpectedly - then rescheduled for ONE MONTH LATER. 
  • I am wearing pink for everyone who is in a season of waiting. 
  • I am wearing pink for everyone who is trying to be brave while listening to/and reading stories of others who've died from this.
  • I am wearing pink for everyone who is back at work, doing their jobs, leading their teams, and managing projects while delicately entertaining the emotions that flood their being after meeting with another doctor at another appointment.
  • I am wearing pink for everyone who wonders if the mood swings, the weepiness, the whining, the sore bones, the random aches and the annoying dryness will last for the entire five years/forever. 
  • I am wearing pink for everyone who has had invasive surgeries, is undergoing chemo treatments, is rocking the bald-head look, is being strong for their children and parents...
  • I am wearing pink because 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. 
  • I am wearing pink because women (about 5,000 per year in Canada) die from this decease. 

I am wearing pink because I am grateful for our medical system that looks after women like me who found lumps.

Three-ish Things I'm Thankful For:

1. Doctors who hand you a box of Kleenex after gently asking, "So, how are you?" And then suggest he stab you with ANOTHER needle - this time a flu shot.
2. Finding out my shoulder will not need to be amputated. I'll just need physio, for rotator cuff  damage.
3. The Global Leadership Summit and all the smart people who share their wisdom.  I LOVE this event. SO very grateful that my work allows me to attend. It fills my tank and excites me for the opportunities ahead.
4. Book-reading weekends. OH. SUCH. A. PERFECT. FALL. ACTIVITY. I read three books last weekend. Looking forward to reading a couple more this weekend. I love sharing space with people who are OK sitting in a room with other people, not talking. Haha.
5. Friends who want to come pillow shopping with me. Haha. From pillows to rugs to cheap art to living room furniture. What a fun evening where no decisions were made. Homesense, you let us down.
6. Book Club. Brene Brown. Braving the Wilderness. Only thing better than a good book is talking about that book. With friends.
7. Movies. Saw "Judy" this week with friends. She? (Judy Garland) Had a shitty life. So grateful for mine.
8. Not feeling it today, but eventually I plan on being thankful for the lessons I'm learning this month. It'll have something to do with patience. And waiting. And trust. Or something.
9. SUPER THANKFUL that Tessa's surgery went well. Her kidney was removed on Monday, there were no signs that the cancer had spread. Praying for a complications-free recovery and another surgery date to remove the mass on her liver.

Shalom friends,

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