Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Seasonal Woes

I am a card giver.
Also. I am a card sender.

Part of the card-sending process is The Stamp.
(Which are like tiny bits of art on the corner of the carrier.)
So I typically make an effort when buying stamps.
I rarely settle on the tiny otter or regal queen versions.

Stamps make a statement. About how much you care.
And if I've gone to the trouble to purchase a card and write words, from my heart, in it, I will also put a stamp I hand-picked on it.

I've stopped by a few post offices this month, to pick up stamps. At one point, I was too early. No one had received their seasonal stock yet.

The last three efforts were aborted because the line-ups were a dozen grouchy people too long.

But today, at 7 pm, my local post office was open.
And there were no lines.

Also, there were no stamps. They'd sold out of everything except a weird assortment of  specialty ones.

So. Instead of adding seasonally appropriate images like these:

... my Christmas cards, chosen with care and signed with love, look like this in 2019:

Apollo 11, Leonard Cohen, Covered Bridges and Summer Treats  collectible stamps, with a few really old 63 cent Christmas french horns. (Not sure how much it costs to send a card, so I put two on for good measure.)

I am letting it go.
Because I am mature.

But next year I'm ordering my stamps in advance.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Lafarge Lake in Coquitlam

(If you sang into a tube at the base of this  ^ tree, it's lights would shine brighter.)

2. So thankful that it didn't rain yesterday, so we could walk around that lake 4 times.
(The forecast looks like this and I am trying to think of ways to not be crushed in spirit.)

and thankful for co-workers who leave baked treats and handmade ornaments on my desk. Best way to start a Monday morning:
Thanks, Anne

3. Very thankful for these people:


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