Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Summmmer (?) 2020

Today was the day. The day we set up the deck for summer. Which, really? Just means the kids helped me set up the patio lights.

The littlest/youngest Obro was up for the weekend as well:

Yes, this was the cabinet in the laundry room closet that Clint organized and labelled with post-it notes a couple weeks ago.

Can you guess what the boys are doing with it?

If you guessed dousing it in gasoline, lighting it on fire and then jumping over it, I wouldn't be surprised.

But nope.

Big bro teachin' lil bro how to play Knipspratt ...


I had been thinking about replacing the lino in the laundry room and buying a storage unit for All Our Crap, so LAST weekend, I had my bro (a contractor) and my sis/bro-in-law (cabinet people) up to the lake for lunch, to talk about it.

By the time they left, they had trashed the laundry room, (everything was thrown on the deck) and got ready to remove a wall...

Only eight weeks til this little project will be done.


Also this summer, Julie and Daryl (and their friends) volunteered to do the June "feed the homeless" meal so that Maxine and I could have a break.

Jule was blown away (in the same way I have been) by the generosity of the people in her life. One young couple baked 120 fresh blueberry muffins (!!!) and their inlaws baked 120 kaiser buns, (for the sloppy joe's and coleslaw meal).

We've both found that Covid brings the best out in our friends. And we are so blessed to have them in our lives.


In other news?

I'm still paintin rocks; but the game has changed.

A couple weeks ago, Maxine invited me over to meet her tenant, Julie, who also paints rocks.
I WAS BLOWN AWAY by her skills and samples.

She helped Andrea and I paint our very first Mandela rocks:

^ Those are MINE.
CRAZY, right!!??

We had SO much fun creating these:

Here are a few more pics of 'works in progress':

D'ya know how much fun I had?
I did it again...

This evening.
With a few other friends.

And its my favorite Covid thing.
Some people are baking sour dough bread. Or growing huge vegetable gardens.

I'm painting Mandelas on rocks:

The start of Julie's rock:

Are ya dyin' to see how they turned out?


Hoping to do this again NEXT week.
I want to try painting something like this:

Today was Maxine's birthday.
She's camping, but told us to use her patio, regardless.

In case you were wondering, this is where we were sitting while we painted.
So peaceful and inspiring.


Wondering if those of you who're the praying type, could pray for these folks:

1. My uncle John (my dad's brother) was recently diagnosed with late stage lung cancer. (Non-smokers can and do get lung cancer apparently.) He's in considerable pain, 90% of his family lives in other countries around the world (London, Germany, New York...) and it's COVID. Please pray for safe travel for my cousins as they attempt to get into Canada.

2. My friend Donna started chemo today. She's  bravely looking at 6 months of treatment.

3. My friend Lea who is in round 2 of her chemo schedule. She's experiencing a few complications and having a rough time of it.

4. My sister/bro-in-law's friend, Pete, who is ALSO starting chemo.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Grateful for the custom, cute face masks Julie T (whoa, a lot of Julie's in this post) made for me and Lea.

2. Thankful for Julie K, Daryl, Jim, Val, John, Drew and Danica for getting the laundry room at the lake ready for it's face lift. It takes a village. And I have The Best Village Ever.

3. So happy that Julie W is generous with her supplies and happy to share her skills with me so I can make pretty things during The Year of 2020.

Stay safe,
Wash your hands,

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