Monday, September 20, 2021

On The Drive Back to Surrey

 After a stormy. rainy, windy, sunny, grey yet bright weekend, the one hour drive back to my mom's house was perfect at 9 pm on Sunday night. Cloudy with a full moon, dry, newly paved roads with no construction and very little traffic. 

Sadly, I haven't read the owner's manual to Mitzi, so I haven't a clue how to listen to the radio. I have one song on my phone, and magically, Mitzi finds it and plays it as soon as I start the engine. Then dead silence. 

Which is good for thinking thoughts. Or praying. 

As I head east, the first exit I drive past is Whatcom Road. I think of Karm, Karin and Amanda who all live at that exit. I pray for each of them; one has a birthday coming up, one has a broken arm, and the other is doing some single-parenting while her husband works out of town. 

I keep driving and praying; seems I know someone who lives near each exit off the freeway between Chilliwack and Surrey.  That hour just zips by. 


My mom's house sold last week. 

She put it on the market in April, but with no offers or activity by June, she gave it a rest during the summer. Last Friday the new listing went 'live' and on Friday night a family came through. They wrote an offer on Saturday, which wasn't going to be presented/considered until the six showings on Sunday were finished. 

By Sunday afternoon, it looked like there would be two more offers, so the original couple, submitted a revised one; over list price, with no subjects and a two month completion date. 

By 11 pm it was a done deal.

My mom's new penthouse condo in Sardis won't be ready til March 2022, so she'll move into my Langley Loft with me on Nov 25. It will cozy and fun. Or something. 

She'll take the Master Bedroom, ensuite. I'll take the guestroom and main bath. (FINALLY, after 8 years, I'll have a tub just a few steps from my bed. I can hardly wait.) We're going to bring an assortment of old furniture; my couch, her favorite chair, her kitchen table, our TV's, maybe a desk or two? The rest of her things will going into storage til her place is ready. And I'll sell/get rid of the last of my Murrayville house belongings. 

Next Spring, after we've got my mom all settled and happy in her new place, I'll concentrate on making my lil love nest a sweet suite. 

My bro, sis and bro-in-law will help me transform the plain TV wall in my living room into something like this:

... with floating shelves on either side of the TV.

I can hardly wait. 

(Yes, my attitude about my future housing situation has improved. So sorry for the rant last month. I was having a Covid crisis. If you haven't had one yet, get ready. You're bound to hit a wall eventually. It's science. Or something.)


About that.

Erhhhm, sorry about that whoa is me post in August. Thanks to those of you who reached out and initiated a 'how are you, really?' conversation. 

I'm good. Those days in August where I took a deep dive were a surprise to me. August is my favorite month! The sun shone so much! I had 5 long weekends! What the heck? 

The week after I wrote that post, I worked all week, had sushi with Sue on Monday night, spent time with Terry on Tuesday (it was her birthday), had dinner with Donna in her new condo on Wednesday (SHE downsized to 650 square feet and loves it), hung out all evening with Eliza on Thursday, then packed up Mitzi and headed east to the lake to paint 74 rocks. I met Val, at one point and we talked, walked and dotted and ate. 

(I probably should have done more walking. *shrugs shoulders ...)

Build a community. Surround yourself with people who care, who laugh, who talk, who show up, who support. You can't do life on your own. Well. I guess you could, but why would you want to? 


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. The pics Megan took at the Flower Fest turned out lovely:

Just now, while posting these pics, I've decided to make this an annual event. Every end-of-August, on a non-rainy evening, I'll invite friends to spend the golden hour with me in the garden, to celebrate friendships, flowers and food. 

2. Just 14 rocks to go. I may have been a little crazy to take on this project back in June. 

3. Thankful for this beautiful life I get to live. 

Stay safe, wash yer hands, feel your boobs and love the one you're with, 

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