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 In early June 2021, in response to the 215 (children's remains) found in unmarked graves discovered on the grounds of the Kamloops Residential School, I decided to paint 215 rocks with the colour orange in the design. 

I didn't have an actual plan, other than to paint a bunch of rocks and leave them on paths/trails and parks/gardens whenever I went on a walk. 

June 9:

Sept 21:

I painted my little heart out all through the summer, and by mid-September, I knew I was on track for meeting one of my deadlines. There WOULD be 215 rocks ready to be placed by Sept 20. But I'd need help placing them. So I sent an email to the folks I work with and another couple emails to the organizations I do a lot of business with, to see if anyone was interested in placing an "Every Child Matters #215" painted rock. The response overwhelmed me and all the rocks were taken within a few days. 

September 30 was Truth and Reconciliation Day in Canada; quite a few of us had the day off to do something in memory/support of Indigenous People. Some of my colleagues and business partners placed their rocks before that day, some after. For a few, it was a meaningful act, and they forwarded photos of their rock's resting place. (At least for a few minutes. Often, the rocks were picked up shortly after being placed. Which was a good thing... the more hands those rocks pass through, the more the 215 children and their families are remembered.) 

This blog post is a gathering place for a few Rock Stories. At one point I thought it would be fun to see where all #215 rocks ended up, but that was an unobtainable target. I can only control so many things. And where someone puts a rock is up to them. And if they choose to take a pic and let me know, is also up to them. 

These are not in any order:

Rocks #176 and #209 were taken to Victoria by K. 

And another rock was taken across the country to Ottawa by R:

M placed his at the summit of the Howe Sound Crest Trail; a 14 hour hike ...

L PAINTED and PLACED her rocks (at Westminster Abbey) which were part of the #215 project. Grateful for her support...

K in Burnaby placed her rock outside her front door as a prayer reminder

D placed her's at Derby Reach; choosing a spot as though 'she were looking for a place of rest for her own child'

T placed his at Derby Reach as well:

D laid hers along a country road where she likes to stop and pray. It's by a little creek which she finds healing.

This photo came from a school teacher, along with these words; "Dear Jane, My Grade 6 class was gifted rock #203/215 by a parent of one of the students. Your story was read out to the students explaining why this was a special rock. We, as a class, have decided that the beautiful gift should be part of our prayer table. This way, every time we pray as a class, it is there to remind us that we should include the missing children and their families in our prayers. I have attached a picture of your special gift on our prayer table. Thank you for giving us inspiration for our prayer life. Ms. Julie K - Grade 6 teacher - Surrey BC"

Jody in Colorado placed hers in a little pocket (at eye level) at Cathedral Rock in Monument, Colorado while out hiking with a friend

R sent me this message:
What a wonderful idea to paint the rocks for that purpose. Obviously you’re not just hilariously funny but also very thoughtful…I took a rock along to our outdoor bible study group last week. We placed it at Mill Lake Park under "our tree" and we prayed for the indigenous community.Thanks again for being Jane. I think the world would be a way better place if we'd all be a bit more janey.

C sent me a note that said: 

I found a home for my rock on my favorite trail in Ladner. It has beautiful views of the marshlands and cute and inspiring park benches.


Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful project.

J put his in their front garden

From W:

So, I planned to go place my rocks yesterday somewhere beautiful. But…I ended up unexpectedly having lunch with the lady who owns the inn where we host our events in Ontario. She drove her daughter all the way out here to start a new job with UGM! Never been to BC before!!! Loves it here!As we were chatting, I got thinking “how cool would it be if I asked her to place one of your rocks on their inn property?” so I told her your story & she was delighted to do that.She also shared with me that she is a city councilor for their county (Scugog) & she is going to be seconding a resolution that a fellow councilor is bringing at their next meeting to advance reconciliation efforts in their community. That councilor’s last name is Rock! So, I offered to give her my 2nd rock to pass on to him for placement on the island near them that was/is home to the Mississauga peoples.Not at all what I expected to do with your rocks, but I felt inspired to do this! πŸ˜ŠThis is D…taking your rocks back to Ontario. ❤️

From S: 

My friend Jane has been dot painting 215 rocks in memory of the first Indigenous children whose remains were discovered. She’s been leaving them around BC in memory and mailed me two to put out on my walk.
Tonight we found places for them at Lake Stafford - on a bench and on a children’s ride toy overlooking the lake.
I don’t think there’s words for the horror that was residential schools.

A few V and I placed along the Vedder:

F and I placed some at White Rock Beach:

Placed along the Vedder by a little girl I met on the Trail. Asked her if she could find a special spot for me:

Placed across from the BC Cancer Clinic at Surrey Hospital:

An email from a friend at work prompted the placement of rock #14/215:

I just had a woman come to the front door. She had been out walking and found a little dead crow in our parking lot. She asked for my help in moving it off the pavement.


I grabbed some paper towel and gently placed it under a bush for final resting.  The woman thanked me so much and started to cry.  Her best friend is indigenous and is right now out of province, gone to bury her daughter.    They are part of the Crow family.

I prayed a blessing and was able to pray for her and her friend.

I placed this rock next to the final resting place of a small crow in memory of the Crow daughter who was being buried that day:

M and her grandkids dropped off rocks in Whistler, in the Rose Garden at Stanley Park and at Vandussen Garden in Vancouver ...

K and her kids placed a number of rocks in their neighbourhood:

Thankful for Donna for helping out by PAINTING AND PLACING rocks:

S left two rocks on a well-used path by his home...

J left hers in a Langley park:

M sent me the following pics with this message:
Placed the last two rocks today. One on the path of my favorite neighbourhood walk sites and one on my thanksgiving table display table to remind me to pray for healing and peace for the hurting families. 

H found, painted and placed this rocks in Shuswap with her grandson. ("My grandson and I placed the rocks here in the Shuswap. They were gone in less than 25 hrs. Sure glad you had me take picks when I was placing them")

V in Manitoba writes:

It is really tempting to keep the rocks but I finally did place them, but not in a park like you suggested. I wanted someone I knew to find them ...

I placed the first one by my niece's back door, hoping one of her six kids would discover it. It took awhile :)  It now sits on A's kitchen window sill.

I placed the second one in K's front yard for her granddaughter to find. Later K saw that she had put it in her doll house ...

I'll add to this post as I receive/find more messages from rock placers.

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