Thursday, January 20, 2022

Words. And Images.

Are you on Facebook? 

Don't you just love the Memories feature? Well, I sure do. I've had so many good days. And some dates just explode with fun events to recall. 

For example, on this day in 2008, I was on my very first trip to Mexico. Sandra, Maxine and I flew down together to stay with Rose. I'd never been before and every day was a potpourri of new sights, sounds, tastes and experiences. I LOVED that trip. The photos from Jan 19 brought it all back. 

I got a little lump in my throat realizing I may never get to Mexico again. 

On this day in 2009, Sandra and I took Drew and his Christmas gift (a Nikon camera) on a photo walk. We wandered around the seawall in Stanley Park then drove to Horseshoe Bay and Cypress Mountain. 
I remember this day so vividly. It was pure awesomeness. 

Drew's photography hobby lasted one year. Then he sold his camera for parts for his drifting car; a far more expensive hobby. But for ONE DAY, he and I both enjoyed our cameras. Together. At the same time. 

On this day in 2010, I hosted a baby shower for Ryan, Michelle's second son. My Murrayville house was full of happy faces. Looking at these pics, I smiled as I recognized young women I haven't seen in years. I smiled when I looked at my friends and realized none of us has changed much in 12 years. And then I went through all the pics again, and LOOKED AT MY HOUSE. My things. The furniture. The walls. The accessories. I really loved that house, the things in it and everything that happened in there. I was getting emotional just remembering...

And on THIS day in 2011, (ten years ago), I hosted a craft night. And when I saw these pics (far below) I started to cry. I've been trying to think of a way to make these paper heart things, with friends, THIS year:

1. I live in a condo with an 8 x10 living room and a 10 x 10 dining area.
2. Covid. Even if I could fit 8 people in here, would that be safe/responsible? 
3. The parking situation here is horrific. 
4. Driving to my place on rainy nights is an adventure for only the bravest; the 'street' is an unmarked construction access alley.
5. It's winter. So I'm sad. (But only sometimes. Sometimes I smile.)

Yep. Just had a good ol' sob. 

I knew how to be a Mom with a House. 
(Today's pics happen to have girly events, but there have been MANY, MANY Facebook memory pages filled with boy pics. And I loved those days too.)

When I sold my Murrayville house, one of Clint's girl friends said, "But who are you going to BE if you don't live in THIS house?" 

For the last eight years of living in my mom's basement, I was footloose and fancy free. I was Jane With No Home. That Jane went out every night with a friend for a walk, talk, tea, dinner, movie, talk, pray, talk and talk. I may have hosted a thing or two or twenty, but it was always my mom's house and her things. 

Who is Condo Jane? What will her life look like? Am I having an identity crisis? Anyone else have their personality linked to their living conditions? How stupid am I? I am who I am, regardless of where I live. Right? 

I was chatting with a friend last week and she said, "I figure we've got, at most, ten more good years ahead of us. IF THAT." 
Ten. Good. Years. Left. 

Am I having a late-life crisis? 
Only ten years? To do All The Things? 

What things, erhhhmm, exactly? 
I should make a bucket list, I guess. 
With realistic things to do. 
With meaningful things to do.
With fun, holy, life-changing, legacy-making, affordable, mostly-local, challenging things to do. 
With beautiful things to do. 

Speaking of beautiful things to do, I took my mom to Homesense tonight to look at decorative things for my new living space. I don't have anything from my past Jane-owns-a-house life. I'm starting over. Turquoise/aqua? Is that where I'm headed? Like my mom? And then I saw a dark blue and bright yellow serving dish. Looked like something from Mexico. I wondered if I could make that work? Yellow is bright and cheerful. Dark blue is solid and dependable. It would anchor the floaty yellow. 

Then I saw this bar of soap and wondered if I should lean in that direction:

It matches my bedding?

It was the colour of my bedroom growing up on the farm. Some things never change? I'm back to green? With yellow? 

Green is my fav colour. Although I have a very strong affection for blue as well. However, rock painting has shown me how much I love a riot of cheerful colours. Might not be relaxing but it does lift one's spirits. 

Maybe I could redo my accessories every year for the next ten years? Change it up. Buy cheap, then give it away and start fresh every January? Just work my way through the colour chart? Starting with green. 

I have many words in my fingertips so this post is going to wander hither and yon. 

This is my reading log. Notice that it's personalized? Everytime I read a book, for the next ten 'good' years of my life, I'm going to write it here. We are 20 days into January:

My Kindle is loaded with 4 new titles. And I bought two huge (many many pages) hardcovers. (Actually I bought three, but I can't remember where I put this one):

It's occurred to me as I type this out that just one month ago I promised myself I wasn't going to buy another thing EVER. And here I am talking about books I've purchased, and fancy soaps I recently bought. 

I'm OK with this. Soaps are consumable, and books are a necessity. 

Moving on. (To a new topic.) (I'm not moving anywhere. I'm Condo-Jane.) 

One of the editors on my creative team at work writes columns about topics. As they do. One of his more recent ones is posted here. The title is: 7 Things to Look for When Reading Through the Bible. Seeing I'm attempting to read through it again this year, I gave his column a look. I didn't get past the first thing. Maybe next year I'll read it looking for the second thing. (Spoiler alert: Thing #2 is Grace)


It may appear self-evident that readers of God’s Word should first seek him within its pages. And yet, people typically approach the Bible by asking, “What does this passage say about me, and how does it apply to my life?” Those are valid questions, up to a point, but they’re not the most important ones. In fact, they can be used to distort the meaning of a passage by reading one’s own experiences into it.

That’s because from start to finish, the Bible isn’t primarily about us, but about God. To be sure, Scripture has much to say about human nature and culture and history. But it addresses all those subjects solely with respect to God.

Through human language and the written word, the Creator of the universe has chosen to reveal himself – his character, power and purposes – to his human creatures. He has told us who we are, why we’re here, and how we can be what he created us to be, in a loving relationship with him.

And so, the first questions to ask when reading anything in the Bible are: “What does this say about God? What does it reveal about who he is, what he’s done and continues to do? How does it help me know him and trust him and love him more?”


There sure is alot to underline and highlight and ponder if you're looking specifically for what the passage says about God. 

Speaking about work, (I kinda referenced it when I linked to Subby's article), this is a plug for our resources. We have, for free, SO many relevant, helpful, timely video series, downloads and articles on our website. They really (no, I mean it, REALLY) are well done. Very professional. Our most current offering is a free 16 page booklet on Depression. If you or someone you love is struggling with this, please download it (or get in touch with me and I can get you a beautifully printed one.) Daily Broadcasts on just about every topic imaginable are truly awesome. Maybe you would benefit from a half-hour of positive input from the studios at Focus US into your brain? On a wide variety of topics. All from experts, professionals, who know how to communicate and get to the point. 

And Focus US is still producing NEW Adventures in Odysseys. The collection is up to #71:

End of shameless plug for the organization I work for. 

New topic. 

I have an old oak bookcase beside my desk because my desk (sofa table) doesn't have drawers. It's mostly a mess. But I have cleaned up one shelf. Wanna see? 

Of interest (possibly?) is the pottery piece that WAS filled with chocolates. But is now empty because I threw all the chocolates away this morning. I have to have that blood test done, and I want to pass, so I'm limiting my sugar intake to fool everyone into thinking I eat only wheatgrass and turnips. The dish, by the way, is a piece of Pottery made by Delphine and was a shower/wedding present from Hildegarde. I guess I should fill it with roasted chick peas. 

The painting is the only one I have from my granny (my mom's mom). She was artistic x 1000. And musical. (She could play strings and keyboards BY EAR. No lessons. Just listen to a song, then play it on her mandolin or organ.) Sadly those genes didn't pass down through to my mom, nor to me or my sibs. And none of granny's great grands can play an instrument or paint a tree. She would paint on anything; glass, wooden disks, plates, canvases, shells ... but not rocks. She would've though, I bet, if someone would've brought her some nice smooth flat ones. 

Maybe I'll take a pic of another shelf, tomorrow. This is called a cliff hanger. 

I was having a private Instagram conversation this afternoon (SO many platforms on which to converse with people nowadays. It used to be the telephone. Or in person. Or, maybe a handwritten letter. BUT NOW. Holy gamoly. There's like, eleventy million. And if you want to go back to refer to something someone said, you have to remember, was it on an Instagram post, or in the direct messages? On Facebook? Which post? Or in Messenger? A text? An email? To which of my 4 emails accounts? And so on til the cows come home),  ANYWAY, on that private Insta convo, I was moaning about how slippery the Vedder Trail was on Saturday, and she responded with links to Canadian Tire shoe spikes. Yes, LINKS. Many options. I acknowledged her enthusiasm...

She: I'm a zealot. I want everyone to be outside and SAFE.

She: Who has it in their emotional budget to fracture a wrist right now?? Not me!!

And those words, "emotional budget" just tickled my ear all the way to my brain. YES! That's what it is, isn't it? Our emotional budgets and how prepared we are for the weight of another year of pandemic living. News about variants. Debates about vaccinations. Limitations on travel, exercise, gatherings, craft nights. Job uncertainties. Labor shortages. Paper shortages. Blah, blah, blah. INDEED - who has it in their emotional budget for a fractured wrist. Or a lump in their breast? Or a blown gasket? Or a leaky pipe?

We might be getting used to pandemic life, but it IS draining our emotional bank account. A steady withdrawal of funds will have an impact. 

So, as my young friend says, BE SAFE. As much as it is within your power, do things that don't drain you. 

Another topic: church. Northview has a 2022 challenge. It's 5 x 5 x 5 ...

Choose 5 people to pray for, 5 minutes per day, 5 days per week:

If every praying Christian asked God to move in the lives of 5 people, well, the results could be crazy, yes? Do you have 5? 

And lastly. 

Have you watched The Chosen yet? WHY NOT? 

It reallly is good. I am NOT a fan of faith-based entertainment, but this series is actually gripping. The acting, the script, the production quality - all of it is top notch. I highly recommend it. It's the life of Jesus and his disciples. And I'm (im)patiently waiting for season 3. I binged the first two seasons. 

Go here to see what I'm goin' on about. And then you'll wish you were me. Haha. I made a donation at the end of 2021, to speed things up with getting this thing done, and I just got an email letting me know I've been selected to appear AS AN EXTRA in the episode about the feeding of the 5,000. Filming will take place this Spring, in Texas. I'm to bring my own costume, pay for my own flights to and from Texas, rent a car, book a hotel all so I can enjoy the experience of sitting in a Texan field. I am so in. And if I pay an additional $100, I can bring someone from my immediate family. Yup, yup, yup. You just wish you were my child right now, don't you. 

OK. I'm done. 

Three Things I'm Thankful For:

1. I really do love how peaceful and lovely my lil condo nest is at night. 

2. I'm thankful that even tho it's a risky business turning left out of the construction lane onto 200th street during rush hour, I live one song away from work. (That's about a 3 minute commute.) Mitzi only knows one song. I hear it every time I start the engine. So I'm thankful it's a happy tune. 


I'm thankful it's only 59 days til Spring. When I upgrade my phone, Ima gonna get that app as well. 

Walk gently, love loudly, stay safe,


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