Saturday, July 16, 2022

The Last Time I Did Something For the First Time

 Have I blogged about my ongoing plumbing challenges at our lake house? 


Well, let me bring you up to speed. 

(Haha, CAN YOU IMAGINE!? What a boring blog post this would be.) 

The shortened, reader's digest version, is that after one month, two holes (one in the ceiling and one in the kitchen wall), an exploding toilet and three service calls (none of which took place on the weekend when the emergency was occurring - DESPITE THE AD ON THEIR WEBSITE CLAIMING 24/7 365 EMERGENCY SERVICE) I had the same burst pipe and no working toilets or taps in the cabin AGAIN over the July long weekend. 

When I called their emergency line AGAIN, and spoke to the owner AGAIN, he didn't remember me or our ongoing situation and said he'd send someone up in 4 - 5 days to have a look. When I said, "But I am expecting 7 - 8 people here this weekend, so I really need you to send someone to fix what you've been fiddling on for the past month." He said, "Good luck."

I DID have 'good luck'. Trever came up on Saturday morning and fixed everything. He had some things to say about the work that had been done previously. Mostly not good things. And he shook his head at the unnecessary holes in the drywall. 


The Thing I Did for the First Time?

When the original plumbing company sent me two invoices that were (now) past due and unpaid, I responded by advising them politely that I would not be paying. I outlined, in a letter, point by point, with no little sarcasm, my experiences with the owner, and his crew. 


But I was not going to pay these. Probably.

I had 17 hot flashes writing that letter. Then had trouble sleeping after I'd sent it at 2 am.

They responded at 9 am the following morning:

"Invoices #4389 and #4427 have been voided."

I needed to tell someone; I had stood my ground. 

So I waited a week and blogged about it. 

Haha. Good thing I live alone, or my housemate would've heard about this all in excruciating detail. 


Another thing I did for the first time?

I lent Mitzi to Danica on Monday. 

It occurred to me that I probably should've added her name to my insurance before she took it to Abby...

On Tuesday, she brought it back to me, I drove her to work, then drove myself to my work. 

At 9 pm, after she made my head beautiful with all her potions, we drove to Pitt Meadows to pick up her Jeep. And that's when I noticed the stickers on my back license plate. MY INSURANCE HAD EXPIRED ON MAY 18. 

And then I vaguely remembered the bouncer in Austin Texas telling me that my driver's license was expiring... so I dug that out of my purse and SURE ENOUGH. MY DRIVER'S LICENSE HAD EXPIRED ON JUNE 1.

Who am I even? An Oboy? Haha. Whoa. For the first time ever, I've been driving without insurance or a license for over a month. 

If I was married, I have a feeling this would be cause for a long, loud, lingering argument.

So glad the only one disappointed in me is me. 



I thought, having three boys n all, we didn't need the services of a lawn mowing company, for a tiny patch of moss and weeds at the lake. Surely we (they) could look after this. 

So during the month of June, when the rain fell and the weeds grew and the moss got thick, no one was cutting it. When we arrived on the July long weekend to a flooded side yard, no working toilets and taps, the front and back yards had weeds 12" high. 

I felt like the lake house was having a temper tantrum, "No one loves me anymore." 

I drove to Greendale, borrowed John and Val's lawnmower, brought it up to the lake only to be told, "I'm not cutting your %&$# lawn. Do it yourself." And then that Oboy went home. 

I had a little pity party, as you do. Then pulled that rip cord, and pushed that lawnmower around for two hours. I'm not sure what self-propelled means, but this thing was not moving an inch without me leaning into it. 

So. Yay, me. I mowed a lawn for the first time ever. And never really want to do it again. I've rehired the lawn care company to look after us. 


This is old news but still worth mentioning. 

I recently was part of a small team of residents who protested something.

TOTALLY NEW scary experience for me. 

But our efforts were not in vain. For now, at least, that 45 story tower rezoning application is dead. 

Whoop whoop. 



The other night I was having trouble sleeping so I thought I'd go sit on my deck. So I grabbed a pillow from my bed, a blanket/throw from my couch, and cuddled up on one of my lounge chairs. The moon was massive. The stars were twinkling. There were no traffic sounds. And I fell asleep. 

I woke up when the large semi's started barreling down 200th and the workers were getting organized on the townhouses across from me. 

Next time I'll wear pajamas. 


Another FIRST?

I went to Texas. 

And 'swam' in a swimming hole. 

And stood around in a river, fed by cold water underground springs. 

And wore my bathing suit in public for the first time since, uh, I dunno? 1976? 

Heat > Pride

I sangalong in a singalong bar.

Listened to an 8 hour audio book, (while driving) from San Antonio to Austin. 

I highly recommend all of the above. 

(You should totally go to Texas)


And, for the first time ever, I'm a plant mom. 

And for the first time ever, I bought 'art' online.

And for the first time ever, I drove all the way to the end of River Road and watched the sunset from the dike beside the Fraser River where is flows into the Pacific.

These two are getting married in 22 days.

They live on the farm that the film industry is using in all the locally-produced movies. Do you recognize it? 

Those movie peeps built this house (as a set):

First time I've ever walked along that dike:

Maybe my biggest 'first time' is I've started smiling with my teeth?

What's the last thing you did for the first time? 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. A mostly private deck.

2. My passport hasn't expired.

3. So glad that it only took 6 months, but I (finally, well and truly) love my condo.

4. Grateful for my new pals in Latimer Village.

5. The two opportunities I've had (so far this summer) to plunk my folding chair into the lake. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you share your list of The Last Time You Did Something For The First Time.

Tell 'em you love them, take a bubble bath, and feel your boobs. 

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