Thursday, July 8, 2004

Movie Reviews

“July 4th, 2004 10:15 pm
My First Blog Entry
Hey, my first blog entry! Welcome fellow bloggers and blog readers! Blog doggers and blog loggers. Blogging away for the common good or just to keep from watching whatever crap is on TV right now. What is on TV right now? No new 6 Feet Under tonight. The Practice has been bounced. Can't Jon Stewart do a Sunday show?”

Guess whose blog that entry was from? Guess.

Michael Moore’s.

Michael Moore is a blogger too. I'm feeling a warm kinship with him somehow…

Clint, Max and I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 tonight. And then talked about it the whole way home. (We tried to see it on opening night, but the theatre was sold out. So we saw the enormously retarded “Dodgeball” flick with Ben Stiller instead. We numbly listened to the radio afterwards. Evidence that stupid movies do suck brain cells from your heads.)

By the way, have you seen it (F9/11) yet? And why not?

My number one emotion, sitting in the dark as the credits rolled, with my sons beside me, was pure thankfulness. Max leaned over as the movie ended and said, “Are you crying? You’re crying. Aren’t you. Clint – she’s crying.”

I was overwhelmed. And so very incredibly grateful that my sons are not soldiers. The pain from losing a child in a pointless war would be shattering. I felt that mother’s pain and grieved alongside her.

(Thankfulness seems to be a theme with me these days. I’m reading Angela’s Ashes and am thanking God that He chose to give me life in 1961, not 1905. In Canada, not in Ireland. That I have an abundance of hope, whereas Angela and her family had not enough.)

The other surprising emotion I acknowledged, while debriefing on the drive home, was pride. I am proud to be a Canadian. Proud that we didn’t become a part of Bush’s dream team in Iraq. Which, if I’m honest, is a 180 degree change in attitude from where I stood a year ago. Back then, I was embarrassed that Cretian didn’t support Bush. Scandalized. Shocked. And disturbed.

Heh. Look how my attitude changes with time and a little info.

I think I should see more documentaries. It’s easier to form an unprejudiced, educated opinion when someone else has done the research and is spoon feeding me their version of the facts.

I wonder if the upcoming Metallica documentary will change my mind on the musical contribution and social value of heavy metal bands? Smile.


Three movies that I’ve seen this month that I’d recommend:
1. Fahrenheit 9/11 (Some war scenes were difficult to watch. Max and I both had to look away.)
2. Shrek 2 (Drew was not interested, but Clint, Max, Zac and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Eight thumbs up. Way up.)
3. Spiderman 2 (Oh yeah. I liked the sequel as much, maybe more than the original. Better dialogue. Why is Tobey Macguire so hot? What an unlikely but totally lovable hero figure. If I ever get married again, he's gotta be a guy who'll wear stretchy spidey PJ's to bed...)

One movie I’d avoid like the plague:

Hey, by the way, thanks for reading my blog. Hope your week has been going well.
Take care.

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