Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Back To School

I just dropped him off at school looking sharp in his new faded, designer labelled, ripped, baggy jeans. (Yes. Pre-ripped at the hem. I feel old just having an opinion about buying jeans that look not only used, but abused.)
The lunch I lovingly threw together while he was doing whatever he does in the morning is squatting on the counter.
The school supplies I purchased and set out for him are still stacked on the ping pong table.
The cheques I wrote and the forms I filled out are exactly where I placed them on the kitchen table.

Must be some sort of new millennium teenage coolness code: travel light. No pen. No paper. No lunch. No backpack. No worries.

I could so not be a high school student today.

Three things I’m thankful for:
1. Drew’s bedtime. That’s when we all talk, read a devotional and pray together. So Norman Rockwellish you’d puke. Or sigh with a smile. That’s what I do.
2. My bedroom. It’s clean(er) now. And improved…Cozier. More inviting. (Important feature for a bedroom to have: invitedness)
3. Calendars. Especially ones with big squares. And lines for writing on.

Not so happy about:
The unexpected meeting tomorrow night at Max’s school. I’m going to miss The Apprentice. No. I do not know how to tape it. As a matter of fact, I don’t know how to turn on the VCR. Or the DVD. Or the CD player. They’ve been creatively wired, using four different remote controls and it’s a hit and or miss procedure of pressing buttons and changing batteries. (The kids have lost the backing to all 7 remote controls. Batteries fall like raindrops.) It’s a frustrating experience trying to watch an hour of Oprah. So I don’t. Once a week, on Thursday night, I’ll get one of them to prepare all the necessary equipment for me (TV for viewing, Tuner for surround-sound, DVD player for channel selection) and then I’ll leave it on that station and be entertained for an hour or three.
Is it any wonder I read a lot?

So what was that rant about? A meeting? I think not.

Let me re-do – “Not so happy about:
Being technologically impaired.”

Take care,

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